Apple iPhone7 launched without headphone jack

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September 22, 2016
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September 22, 2016

Apple iPhone7 launched without headphone jack


Sanfransisco Apple has launched its new iPhone 7.

According to Apple, it is not a traditional headphone socket is the Lightning connector.

Also, Apple will also promote the use of wireless earphones and with it will be ‘ear pods’.

This new feature of the iPhone from Apple iPhones 7 user might be upset because some of them may need adapter for headphones.

iPhone 7 is the camera lens and the home button to will figure out how loud the button being pressed.


Getting rid of outdated technology connectors and It is ahead of its rivals.

Experts believe that by removing the headphone socket may have an effect on its popularity, but it will be far less.

Francisco Jeronimo IDC Research Institute, said: “It has changed the charger port and the people were angry. But they did not stop to buy iPhones, headphone jack clearing he will not wait.


Out back, and wide-angle lenses in iPhones 7 Telifoto both are present in 12 mega pixel sensor.

It will take the user picture quality without losing a tight shot.

With the help of this software background blur focus on a person’s face can be. These features will be provided in future updates.


Apple has also launched the Smart Watch.

It launched a new version of the Smart Watch the ‘best of the fitness device is described.

Watch Apple II series will be worn while swimming.

Most shocking was the first popular video game Super Mario Bros announced on iPhones. By the end of this year, iPhone will be available in the Super Mario video games.

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