Archana Doshi – From a Manager to a Successful Food Blogger

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Archana Doshi all story success strory

Archana’s Kitchen fame, successful food blogger, food consultant, food writer, food consultant and food photographer, youtuber, Archana Doshi has a lot of reasons to lead a happy life. She has been the part of a Google ad campaign on women entrepreneurship. She has millions of readership on her blog. She has millions of fans in Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, who embrace her recipes. She is all set to build a team of professionals who follow the same passion as she has, to take her business to another level.

Where Did It All Started?

She had the idea of starting her business for around 3 years related to cooking and food. She took cooking classes at her home and then started her small business of catering. She got the grounding on the space and she wanted to do more.

Her passion for cooking was seen also in how she prepared food for her baby. Her kids never wanted to eat packaged foods like other children do. This is when her friends told her to write recipes as such type of recipes were not possible to achieve all the time. It was just the beginning of Archana’s Kitchen. She shared her recipes on her official blog. She got tremendous response and she realized the true potential of online space. So, she built her own website.

She is now equipped with all the resources and she learnt how to do online business. Eventually, she has seen increased reach and advertisers noticed her website. In 2011, she got a big break and featured on Google’s ad campaign on TV.

Archana’s Kitchen success allstory

The next step for Archana was switching to the audio-visual platform. Hence, selecting YouTube was no exception. Initially, she started editing and uploading videos herself. In return, it was a great learning experience and she now has a team working for her. Today, she works with nutritionists and bloggers from different parts of the world. She travels the world and tastes the cuisines of all regions.

Archana’s Kitchen by Archana Doshi

Basically, Indian dishes are the important part of Archana’s Kitchen. But you can also find healthy vegetarian dishes over there. Some of the hottest favorite recipes are Veg Biryani, Bissi Bele Bath, and Gobhi Manchurian, which are also her personal favorites.

What if you can work on something you love and even work at the comfort of your home and be financially free, be famous, and take care of family? Isn’t it fantastic? Is it seems too good to be true? Archana Doshi, a YouTube Kitchen Queen, made it happen. She does exactly the same and she is very successful in it.

She didn’t want to buy her kids store bought foods. So, she started making food herself. She always wanted to keep her technical knowledge up to date. She utilized her technical skills in blogging and combined it with her love for cooking.

No doubt, she is exceptionally genius! Initially, she started with baby food. Within few months, she started her website about healthy recipes and vegetarian food.

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