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September 20, 2016
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As direct message on Twitter Chat – AllStory


Will serve as a direct message on Twitter Chat. Given the growing market of messaging Twitter did it

Growing messaging market is drawn to another company. Twitter’s direct message, is now thought to present as chat.

It is believed that people make their popular Twitter app and did it.

As announced on Twitter that they will send him a direct message after reading like WhatsApp may see a tick mark the sender will know that his message has been read.

If someone is typing a message to you direct, he could also see.


How direct message on Twitter Chat

When these features will begin on Twitter he will look like other chat app features more than whom.

It is believed that direct messages will appear on the receipt after reading it over and direct them to follow so people can send messages. Twitter and the like it can be in people.

It did not say when the changes would be implemented, but it is believed that in the next few days could begin.

The Messaging app like so many people around the world are being made that people are spending too much time with them on social media.

Social media app that only one of which more than 100 million subscribers.


But Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger chat app to have two on the figure of 100 million customers have. It’s also not too far from the chat app.

WhatsApp is preferred so that the people on its network 4,200 million messages are sent every day, there are 1,600 crore and Rs 100 crore on the group share photos with each other to do things.Nearly half the world’s mobile phone SMS are sent every day.

It launched in 2006, not much appreciated by the people of WhatsApp.

On the figure of 10 million subscribers in 2011, after Twitter and its subscriber numbers by 2014 Excellent visible edge to grow faster.


It was launched in 2009 as compared to the comparison, WhatsApp subscribers now have devised three times. Twitter just 10-12 million new subscribers in the last half year are met.

In comparison, 50 million subscribers in April 2014 after a number of WhatsApp has doubled its number of customers.

Given these data, It is not difficult to understand the changes.

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