Blogger Preeya Aims Fight Stigma with Bold Maternity Shoot

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March 5, 2017
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Blogger Preeya Aims Fight Stigma with Bold Maternity Shoot

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Blogger Preeya Malik dressed up as Indian deity her baby bump In a bold maternity shoot.

It is a reality we live in that society. We have a history of covering our baby bumps, with cloths, chunni and palloos etc . Would you care to undertaking out baring your baby bump in public? All of this happens in a country where traditional outfits were originally designed to expose the midriff. How does this even add up?

Blogger Preeya Malik Bold Maternity Shoot

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32-year-old Toronto investment professional and beauty blogger Preeya Malik, who is trying to fight the stigma around pregnancy.

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Preeya Malik recently did a maternity photo shot in tie-up with Banga Studios and The New Delhi Company.


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The shoot is based on the depiction of three Hindu goddessesLakshmi, Saraswati and Durga.

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Malik realized that because of the stigma surrounding pregnancy, desi women usually hide their baby when they are going to public.

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Here she is dressed as Durga, the warrior goddess.

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