Also known as Fernanfloo on YouTube, Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado is a Salvadoran YouTuber whose videos are dedicated to gaming. With over 500 videos, he has up to 5 billion views and 23 million YouTube subscribers. His channel is YouTube’s 10th most subscribed channel.

His YouTube channel is most subscribed from his home country, El Salvador and it has three times more subscribers in his channel than the current population of his country. His channel is the only YouTube channel in El Salvador which has higher number of subscribers than the current population of his nation. Green is his signature color and he also features his pet dog in his videos.

Alvarado was born in San Salvador on July 8, 1993, a city in El Salvador. In February 2014, his YouTube channel grossed over 100,000 subscribers. In August 2014, it crossed 1 million subscribers, and in March 2016, it reached 10 million subscribers. He launched his official app Fernanfloo in December 2015, which achieved over 2.3 million downloads just within first week of its release.

About Luis Fernando Flores

Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado is a YouTuber based in El Salvador. He mainly focuses on making vlogs, gaming videos, and often comic sketches which are animated. Despite the fact that his YouTube channel is relatively new, it is still one of the fastest growing YouTube channels and he is 4th most popular YouTube sensation in the world thanks to his loyal subscriber base which is praising him across the world.

In 2016, he reached the height of popularity where he achieved second largest number of subscribers in his YouTube channel. He was just 100,000 subscribers behind PewDiePie, most subscribed YouTuber. If PewDiePie had not gained up to 2 million subscribers in December 2016, he would have achieved the most number of subscribers in 2016. But he couldn’t because of controversy around him. He had to remove his channel from YouTube which reached up to 50 million subscribers.

Luis released his first comic book officially “Curly esta en Peligro” in July 2017, which refers to “Curly is in Danger”. It was fictional book. But the ideal behind writing this book was from his dog Curly, who achieved fame because of Luis.

As of September 26, 2017, Fernanfloo YouTube channel achieved up to 24 million subscribers, successfully made way to become 10th most subscribed channel on YouTube. He successfully reached his peak in the rank of subscribers as he has 8th most subscribed YouTube channel from July to August 2017.

Luis Fernando Flores Fernanfloo YouTube allstory

The Beginning

He started his official YouTube channel on 1st May, 2011 under the title which became his online name Fernanfloo. He uploaded his first YouTube video four days later. He shared video about dogs parodying Star Wars and fighting like Jedi. Later on, he sketched with his brother but couldn’t achieve much following. He switched to gameplays in 2012 on indie games.

The Fame

He started to film videos for GTA V in 2013 and he achieved a lot of fame. Later on, it became viral online and he kept on with his YouTube career by performing vlogs, sketches, and gaming. He has also done Q&As and animations. Currently, it is one of the top 10 most subscribed channels on YouTube. He is also among the top paid YouTube stars and he has huge view rates on YouTube. He gained even more views than most subscribed and most viewed PewDiePie, who is the biggest YouTube star.

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