Deepak Mittal Success Story As A Founder of Canyons Club in Dehradun- Change the Way of Lifestyle

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Deepak Mittal Success Story As A Founder of Canyons Club in Dehradun- Change the Way of Lifestyle


Mr. Deepak Mittal, founder Canyons Club is a well- known entrepreneur, envisaged the mission of developing a truly international social club, which can bring the glitterati under one roof and facilitate them with privileged lifestyle and luxury. Canyons club is not a private club and it shall be governed/ managed by an elected committee, selected by its members. Thus, Mr. Mittal with selected crème de la crème of the society formed a board of Founder members and incorporated his idea and formed a company – Canyons Club Ltd. Registered under Section 25 of 1956 and section 8 of 2013 of Companies Act – A company/ association formed for the purpose not of gains.

A luxury setting in the heart of Dehradun. A club built to set new standards for luxury and recreation. An exclusive avenue to pamper your exquisite tastes, to move within the upper echelons of socity or to kick back with your family and beat the daily grind

Why does this

To create a destination of elegance set against the idyllic charm of nature. Because a leisure facility, of exceptional standards that caters to the family, is hard to find. And to do justice to a class of occasions and conversations that are cut above the ordinary.

Our Philosophy – Deepak Mittal

As testament to history, the club has adopted as its

  • For the members
  • Of the members,
  • By the members,

Our Vision -Deepak Mittal

To be recognized as a benchmark in the hospitality industry. To be the destination of preference for the city’s glitterati and the weekend luxury tourist.

Our Mission

To provide a social leisure experience par excellence, to individuals of exceptional taste and standing.

Brand Attributes


Be it our services, facilities or amenities, we believe in elegance being their foundational pillar. We serve people that understand its value.


Our patrons deserve our fullest attention which is why we keep them limited so that we may devote ourselves entirely to them



Whether it is our services, the quality of our facilities or our staff, we believe in excellence being their foremost virtue. We go to great lengths to maintain our commitment to this.

Dehradun -Deepak Mittal

At the foothills of the Himalayas, nestled between two mighty rivers, the Ganges and the Yamuna, it is the gateway to a picturesque landcape that leaves visitors with a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Fun and fitness, take your pick! Canyons club welcomes you to indulge in the versatile world of luxury. Whether with your friends or your family, rejoice in your choice of frolic. Be lazy, be active, be spoilt for choice.

Stately Residential rooms

Magnificent five-star quality rooms, your lavish retreat from the outside world. Privacy, luxury and comfort are our top priority so that you can bask in the beautiful are our top priorty so that you can bask in the beautiful seclusion of your space.

With the nine massage rooms, a sauna and a steam room, the Canyons Club spa experience will leave you with a deep sense of well being. Surround yourself with the tranquility of the hills as far as the eye can see, and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

canyonsclub dehradun

A haven for children & young adults who love to twiddle their thumbs and a blessing in disguise for parents seeking quit time. The ultra- modern game room provides the perfect pastime for kids of all ages. They can engage in a wide range of curate’s fun while you chill.

Tickle your taste buds at the multi-cuisine restaurant. Splurge on a five-course or meal or just indulge in the exquisite dessert cart. Every meal here is designed to be leisurely and authentic to satiate an appetite before and after an eventful day at Canyons Club.

Canyons Club – Deepak Mittal

Sit and read the book you haven’t been able to make time for, play a game of chess, exploit the free Wi-Fi or simply do nothing. The café lounge is the place to have conversations over coffee or take the time out to catch with yourself.

With an elite stock of international aperitifs, wines and spirits, feel free to choose your companion for the evening. The bartenders will be more than happy to indulge you in your choice of heady. Cocktails to help you seal a long day.

Canyons Club brings the finest and best engineered multi-lane bowling alley in Dehradun for the fanatic bowing junkies. To bring out the competitive edge, you can even book abowing zone for special occasions or for the sheer thrill of knocking those pins down.

The banquet hall is the largest and most elegant in Dehradun. It serves as the perfect venue for meetings, events, team retreats and wedding receptions. We will ensure your guests leave impressed after an unforgettable event it can also be split into three separate access points.

Whether you are celebrating a special occasion with family and friends or hosting a corporate function, Canyons Club addresses all your special event needs. The Party hall features a fun and festive disc so you all are assured a good time! Every detail is exactly right, from food to the ambiance for you to have a memorable experience.
The Canyons Club’s conference room provides the latest seminar technology, offering the ideal platform for meetings, traings and conferences. Your time here is bound to be productive.

Life in CanyonsClub – Deepak Mittal

You don’t need to stress about parking for a change. With a capacity of 550 spots, there is enough space and more.Get your daily dose of working out with world class facilities with a spectacular view. Train your way to a perfect combination of health and wellness.

Engage in some fun with your entire family at the indoor TT tables. Relive your nostalgic childhood with ping pong. Whether you’re flying solo or with company, our indoor squash courts will always give you the adrenaline rush you desire.

Feeling sporty? Bring out the competitor in yourself on the indoor international sized badminton courts.
A beautiful platform set in the backdrop of the picturesque hills that can elevate a good show or concert into an unforgettable event Ideal for concerts and parties, the audience will be left mesmerized
With magnificent mountain views, visitors can bask in the glorious weather or simply enjoy sublime sunsets.
Sit back and try your luck at our house of cards. Play your hand at rummy, bridge or poker at the card room. Time is your friend here.

With weather controlled water temperatures and fully air- conditioned indoor pool area, float away your worries and relax by the pool which is half the size of an Olympic swimming pool.

For a bit of challenging fun, step onto the greens and enjoy the elements of the golf course at Canyons Club.
Nestled in the tranquil and scenic hills of Dehradun, is an idyllic getaway from the routine. Canyons Club’s intimate and relaxed setting makes it a convenient spot for members to indulge in during the day and night. Whether it’s from brining you the most innovative and finest cuisines to bespoke corporate or cultural events, we aim to continuously provide our members a luxurious and diverse lifestyle.


Magnificent Lawn Tennies Courts on the terrace duly covered to provide playing time even during monsoons, as well as providing necessary shelter from direct sun rays. The Pleasure of playing tennis at these courts shall be an experience in itself.

Imperial Billiards and Snookers Tables where you can choose from snookers, Billiards or slush, play the game of your choice in royal style.

Website:- canyonsclub

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