Sahil Malik Da Milano who Made Leather Accessories even More Fashionable

Established in 1989, Da Milano was founded by the father of Sahil Malik. Started up with just one store in the market of Delhi, the brand prides itself in running 60 stores, under the control of Sahil Malik Da Milano.

After finishing his fashion designing in NIFT, he joined his family business in 2000. He decided to establish a chain of stores offering leather accessories at the time when Indian retail market was revolutionizing.

The Strategy – Sahil Malik Da Milano

When asked about fashion taste of the world in leather accessories, Malik states, “India has always been focused on colors and patterns. There was no western touch. I felt good demand for designer accessories and aesthetics.” So, he focused on marketing of the brand and designing. The company started on freelance basis with Italian designers, before establishing its official studio. They have ensured designs which comply with international standards. When it comes to planning, all the designers worked 6 months earlier.

Currently, Da Milano is one of the top fashion brands, manufacturing maximum range of leather accessories. They launch one style in each category in each passing day to keep the store new. He meets his customer’s expectations. He says, “I visit my stores every third day, talk to customers, and get their feedback. It gives us an idea where we are lacking and what sizes and styles, demands, pattern, trends, and colors customers need and we tweak and launch a new collection accordingly.


The Global Presence – Sahil Malik Da Milano

Currently, Da Milano has planned to expand across the world. It has opened two new stores in Middle East and planning to launch another 10 in Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia and reach the American market. He also launched Rosso Brunello, a footwear brand, at the most-anticipated shopping destination in the world, Dubai.

Da Milano has 63 showrooms, along with 11 stores at top airports to provide quality leather accessories for elite travelers. It is planning to open 20 new stores over the next few months. It is expanding women’s footwear share with 60-40 contribution.

Spread over 2500 sq. ft. at Ibn Battuta Mall, the shopper’s paradise, the boutique has been customized by considering creatie aesthetics and unique style at Da Milano with advanced technical knowledge as well as the ambience which exude lavishness. The store will be offering Rosso Brunello and Da Milano under Da Milano Group.

With its signature medallion, Da Milano holds the recent Spring Summer 2017 collection, including travel and business essentials, handbags and footwear on display. It has extensive range of lifestyle products, including small leather goodies like belts and wallets.

When asked about expansion, Sahil Malik, MD, Da Milano Group, added, “Clients from different continents are looking for brand’s presence in international destinations. The Middle East is the emerging and fastest growing market which has significant growth opportunities are we are planning to have presence in another 10 stores over the next 15 months to come.

Da Milano Receives 90% of Sales from Leather Products – Sahil Malik Da Milano

In a recent interview with Da Milano Managing Director, Sahil Malik, he shares about latest trends in fashion and shopping of leather accessories. The USP of the brand is a unique range of well-crafted and designed leather products finished and styled with world-class machinery to meet the customer demands. They deliver front-end services with a philosophy that features customer orientation to explain every product detail and feature to the customers.


According to him, man-made leather or PU leather is very popular. As compared to real leather, PU is very similar in look and feel. It is very difficult to differentiate between them. But PU is a solid manmade material which gives the feel of real one at very low cost. Along with the classics like blacks and browns in leather, Da Milano has other color choices like blue, berry, orange, fuchsia, and even green. Da Milano has also launched metallic leather collection which is doing really well. He apparently said that 90% of their sales come from leather products.

However their sale is affected due to monsoon. It is because leather accessories are more likely to absorb moisture and get moist. Despite this barrier, the awareness of fashion in leather accessories is growing exponentially in India. It leads to huge sales growth of the brand and its franchisees.

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