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Sahil Khattar is a well known Indian YouTube star. At 17, he became the leading radio jockey in Chandigarh and hosted the show Love Guru. He is based in Delhi but he chose to move to Mumbai in 2011 but his father wanted him to focus on his family business. But he wanted something else to do and he couldn’t get stable job. So, he started writing dialogues and explores his acting skills. He was initially living in a chawl but lied parents that he was living in 2 BHK flat in Bandra. To save money, he preferred walking instead of taking auto or bus. Due to his hard work in Culture Machine 2014, the company signed him for the programme.

Career – Sahil Khattar

He owns most popular channel of YouTube, Being Indian with over 11 Lakh subscribers. Being Indian is rapidly growing YouTube channel in India. Along with his team, he chose the topics that are related to and too close to the lives of people. In 2013, he joined YouTube. According to Sahil Khattar, his observational comedy is not intended to offend any sector or person. Their humor is sharp and witty.

It is not that punchy or sensible as they try to make their unique niche. According to him, creating content is a long process. Their focus is not just marketable or catchy content, but also creating the subject that can initiate with the dialogue. He is always confident when it comes to produce new content and he always tried his best to exceed the expectations of channel viewers.

His Success Story

Sahil Khattar didn’t have to wait for success any long. He became the top RJ in Chandigarh when he was 17 with his show Love Guru. He puffed up with early success. His king-size lifestyle had just started. He decided to move to Mumbai in 2011. But his family wanted something else from him. His father wanted him to focus on his family business and his emotional mother wanted him to be with her.

Since he couldn’t get stable job, he started exploring his acting and writing dialogue. In his days of struggle, he was living in a chawl, lied to his parents that he was living in Bandra based 2 bedroom flat. He would like to walk instead of taking a bus or auto rickshaw to save money.

In 2014, his hard work paid off. A digital media company, Culture Machine signed him for a show they were organizing. The format of the show included a person who asks questions to random people on the streets. He was a perfect fit as he used to theatrics and theatre.

Being Indian is currently owned by Culture Machine but he took charge of all the logistics in production. He publishes one video in a week. He is now recognized on the streets.

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How Being Indian is winning the hearts?

The latest content creators and YouTube fulfill the needs of each other. If the platform and revenue sharing is provided to the Google-owned video sharing site, a huge credit goes to such content creators who made it so popular across the world.

India has been riding the digital wave over the past two years and it proliferates content usage from YouTube. Over 100 million active accounts are accessing YouTube via mobile out of 118 million accounts. Video watching and social media activities on mobile account to 10% each followed by plating games.

With the current usage of Smartphones and infrastructure issues, consumption of content on YouTube has been growing because of Being Indian, a YouTube channel. Today, the channel has over 430k subscribers, which is launched around 2 years ago who subscribe for insane humor. The idea behind the scenes is to build a brand for youth entertainment which explored several identities and nuances which formed India.

As of today, Being Indian has uploaded up to 193 videos over the past two years. Over the years, they have focused on developing identities and content formats that can relate with the core audience which is around 15 to 35 years old.

For example, they launched a video “Every Delhi Girl in the World” is a hilarious sum up of behavior and funny things about a typical Delhi girl. It has got over 3 million views. Another video “Every Indian Girlfriend in the world” has millions of views.

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Being Indian Sahil Khattar youtube Video

In addition, Being Indian has been popular for its series “India on Everything” hosted by the creative and lively Sahil Khattar. He has great experience in Radio and TV. Earlier this year, he became the part of the team Being Indian. Within a year, he has been creating insane funny videos where he talks to the common man on the roads.

In a video “Bengaluru on Penis Sizes”, the youth of Bengaluru was seen discussing on the topic and got a big laugh. It received over 1 million views. Over time, videos like “Mumbai on Farting”, “Pune on Sex” and “Hyderabad on Being Hyderabadi” have exceeded the expectations as being quirky and funny.

Like beauty is in the eyes of those who behold, getting quirkiness is in the mind of a person. Last year, they published an episode “Mumbai on Pakistan”. Though it was not that funny, but they found a quirky part in it. They launched another video “Mumbai on Net Neutrality” which exposed how youth was not aware of the matter and the video played a vital role to inform the people.

Quirkiness and fun are the important parts of Being Indian and the channel is also focused on the series Being Indian Originals, a show which shows non-fiction stories with documentaries and drama.

The effort of Being Indian in creating original content and ability to generate a large community has garnered huge attention. Vodafone has created a co-branded content with Being Indian to promote its campaign “Vodafone 3G Speed is Good”.

When it comes to the growth, Being Indian doesn’t rely on YouTube only. With the increasing number of views, the channel has got great response and engagement and viewership has surpassed the channel.

May 6, 2017
sahil khattar being india youtube superstar

Sahil Khattar – The Heart and the Soul of Being Indian

Sahil Khattar is a well known Indian YouTube star. At 17, he became the leading radio jockey in Chandigarh and hosted the show Love Guru. He […]