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Sanam Puri is a very talented and passionate Indian composer, singer, and music director. In Bollywood, he debuted with a chartbuster hit song “Dhat Teri Ki” from “Gori Tere Pyar Mein”. He started his singing with the band SQS Supastars that was later renamed “SANAM”. He is truly a versatile and popular singer who envisions promoting independent music to India.

Sanam Puri Career

His love for music started when he was six. He started singing at a very young age and his interest in music grown up steadily. He took complete interest in music and wished to start his career in Bollywood industry when he moved to Mumbai. Both his brother and his mom supported him to pursue his dream. Times Music’s National Hunt formed SQS Supastars for pop bands and SQS Project by Samar, Sanam and Keshav won the competition and got the band.

He has sung several Bollywood songs and music albums. His popular song in B-Town is “Ishq Bulaava” from “Hasee Toh Phasee”. The first ever composition of the band SANAM was “Main Hoon” for “The Amazing Spider Man 2”. Along with the band members, he focused completely to complete the work on the band.

In 2013, “Teri Ankhon” was a great hit. SANAM performed in 2015 and 2016 at YouTube Fanfest. SANAM’s YouTube channel is also among the rapidly growing channels. He is singing in other languages too, such as Bengali, Telugu etc.

Sanam Puri Education

He studied at Indian School, Muscat, Oman and St. Columbia’s School. Due to ragging, he couldn’t complete his college at Kirori Mal College, affiliated by Delhi University. The interesting fact is that he hasn’t learnt music from any guru or music teacher. It is in born talent and result of his effort.

He can play keyboard, guitar, and several music instruments. At the age of 6, he started singing at Muscat. Both his brother and mother supported him to pursue music seriously for the 15 years. He stayed in Delhi for 7 years after returning from Muscat and moved to Mumbai. He moved to Mumbai just four years ago and he started his music career seriously. He was just singing initially but felt an issue with music.

He was not connected to it emotionally. He was shy and not too comfortable with his passion. He was also not ready to sing songs that were composed by others. He rather decided to compose, write, and sing songs.

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Sanam Puri Relationship

He is single and not married yet. He says he is too busy to be in a relationship and such type of things. He is currently busy in music. He added, “I am dating music and still single. I also love to play video games. I have been playing games since 15 years. A relationship needs a lot of time to mature, which I don’t have currently.

His Secret to YouTube Success

His love affair with music started at the age of 6. But he was not that serious until 2010. Along with his two friends Keshav Dhanraj and Venkat Subramaniyam and his brother Samar, he attended the audition for a pop band formed by Times Music Supastars Hunt.

They together nailed it and won SQS Supastars band. They soon moved to Mumbai and renamed it to SQS Project in 2010. The band signed up Ben Thomas in 2013 who appointed singers like Vishal Shekhar and Sonu Nigam as manager. The same year, they got their first break in Bollywood because of Thomas, with “Dhatt Teri Ki” from the film “Gori Tere Pyar Mein”.

When it comes to their YouTube growth, it was an accident. He recorded some videos for live concerts across the world for few agents. He uploaded them on YouTube also. A few months later, Google paid $800 to the band through cheque. Later in 2014, they renamed the band again to “SANAM”.

Along with their YouTube videos, they perform around 15 live shows per month. They wish to revitalize Indie genre in India, which was once formed by Silk Route and other bands.

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How SANAM Grossed 1 Million Subscribers?

SANAM is a pop rock band in India based in Mumbai. The band includes Lead Singer Sanam Puri, Samar Puri for Lead Vocals and Guitar, Venky S (Venkat Subramaniyam) for Bass Guitar and Vocals, and Keshav Dhanraj for Vocals and Drums. They are widely regarded as India’s Fabulous Four. The business manager of the band, Ben Thomas, founder of Kurian & Co. Talent Management, is also called as the fifth band member.

They strive together to style the band and create sound by mixing four musical influences. The band is well known to revamp the independent music and band culture in India after a huge gap. SANAM is first music band in India that has crossed over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

The band is already famous as one of “India’s Top 10 Independent YouTube Channels”, “India’s Fastest Growing YouTube Channel” and “Biggest Music Artist on Online Platform”.

The artists have been ranked as the first Indian musicians in this process for this achievement. In India where band culture has not given much importance, it is a great success indeed. As an independent artist in the country where people are completely into Bollywood music, SANAM has earned great achievement.

Success of SANAM

What is the secret behind such a great success for SANAM? In August 2012, they stared their official YouTube channel. They used it as a platform to showcase their work and they earned so much appreciation from different parts of the country.

According to Band manager Ben Thomas, the secret to this success is correct decision, consistency, and staying rooted to their foundation. Along with India, they have followers from different countries like Mauritius, Bangladesh, Pakistan, USA, Nepal, UAE, UK and Canada.

Within just four years, SANAM has headlined the concerts in Mauritius, Dubai, Bangladesh, Maldives, Suriname, Holland, and South Africa. The official channel has been receiving watch time of 41 million minutes and 16.6 million views in a month. It has been announced as the rapidly growing channel in the country.

May 11, 2017
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Sanam Puri – Young Singer Turns YouTube’s Singing Sensation

Sanam Puri is a very talented and passionate Indian composer, singer, and music director. In Bollywood, he debuted with a chartbuster hit song “Dhat Teri Ki” […]