Meet Dr. Vikram Yadav Who Teaches How to Treat Health Issues

Every hour, millions of videos are uploaded in YouTube. Considering the craze of YouTube culture in the present scenario, some of the dynamic personalities, with an urge of picking the nerve of consumers and their creative streak, are writing their own destinies on YouTube. In this date and age, they have successfully carved a unique niche for themselves and became richest Indian millionaires in the entertainment world of YouTube. Dr. Vikram Yadav one of them

And Dr. Vikram Singh Yadav has no exception among those YouTube stars. He is a surgeon and doctor by profession and owner of his official blog wacky5 since 2007. He is currently known as one of the most reputed bloggers in India. He also uploads videos of him giving treatment and surgeries to patients along with his case studies and examination for educational purpose, as a YouTube Partner.

His videos are very helpful for medical students who need to solve queries and improve their skills in their respective field. Dr. Vikram Yadav shared his videos to treat various ailments in day to day life and took Digital health across India and abroad.

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How He Started YouTube Channel? – Vikram Yadav

When he was studying medicine in 2007, Dr. Vikram was using the online forums and internet to find answers from global experts and for research purpose. When he graduated in 2009, he decided to payback. He started uploading videos about his research and medical problems he treated, apart from outcomes and treatments, on YouTube.

His official YouTube channel covers health issues in daily life and how to treat them. He uploads new videos about surgery and treatment every Wednesday and Sunday. Medical students and health conscious people can subscribe to his channel for free.

Finding solutions and uploading videos was his hobby which eventually turned into his full-fledged passion as well as a new source of income. He is based in Moradabad and his followers includes mostly foreigners from the US, Japan and UK.

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