What can be particularly Apple’s iPhone 7?

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What can be particularly Apple’s iPhone 7?


Technology and mobile world can be an important day for Wednesday, when Apple could launch a new iPhone 7.

The launch probably two variants of the iPhone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus and many other financial products are also offered.

launch iPhone7 rival Samsung Note 7 after the withdrawal of its getting.

After the events of fire in the battery due to disturbances Smart Phone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had decided to withdraw.

Many analysts believe that Apple did not feature in the iPhone 7 headphone jack is at .

Apple iPhone 7 feature


Now only one port can be.

New research has shown that the previous model, the iPhone 6’s most selling handset in the world.

Strategy Enlistees the study found that in 2016, the iPhone 6’s 42 million handsets million sold in just the same three months from April to June 7 Samsung Galaxy S handsets sold around 83 million were found.

But in these months of 2015 when compared to the iPhone 6 had sales of 2.63 million in handset sales in 2016 compared to the drop in sales was recorded.

Maybe the headphone jack, the phone did not include the feature back will encourage the use of Bluetooth.


The user then Apple may have to encourage them to buy a smart phone Titillating port which is used in charging.

Maybe the continued use of old features adapter jack.

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