What is the new features of WhatsApp?

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September 22, 2016
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September 22, 2016

What is the new features of WhatsApp?


Apple’s FaceTime and Google’s success since the launch of the Duo WhatsApp could launch video calling feature. These features, along with the world’s largest and change Messaging Platform

Is expected to be launched soon.

According to the Indian Express report, WhatsApp camera flash to take photos as a feature also could launch.

It will be very easy to take low-light selfies and will immediately be shared with anyone.

This feature is in many smartphones in the low light of the phone’s screen works like flash.

Still photographs while shooting video, not just once, touch screen may be larger or smaller size of the video – on Snapcat WhatsApp now on these features can be seen.

When these changes will work, even if some of them are pictures of people you can forward to sketch possible. The stickers also possible to send WhatsApp user would like for like.

video calling feature on WhatsApp


Whats App pictures taken with the camera to change, to write something on it or cropping the picture – all will be easy in the new Whats App.

Android Police find any photo stickers are like a lot of people nowadays. These features youth and adults are also highly preferred. With them an ‘undo’ option so that even if you did not like a sticker one can change.

Asian countries like emoji are enough and everyone is understandable because their language in Emoji are so many people want to know about the change. People like emoji, emoji to their larger size will appear on the screen now.
WhatsApp Messaging Platform is the world’s largest and every day more than 100 million people use. Facebook bought it in 2014 and now with all the subscriber information Facebook is preparing to share.


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