How Negociomundo connects auto components manufacturers, importers and exporters

The Indian auto components industry has experienced healthy growth over the last few years. Some of the factors attributable to this include: a buoyant end-user market, improved consumer sentiment and return of adequate liquidity in the financial system.

The Indian auto-components industry can be broadly classified into the organized and unorganized sectors. The organized sector caters to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and consists of high-value precision instruments while the unorganized sector comprises low-valued products and caters mostly to the aftermarket category.

According to Indian auto components industry

According to the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), the Indian auto-components industry is expected to register a turnover of US$ 100 billion by 2020 backed by strong exports ranging between US$ 80- US$ 100 billion by 2026, from the current US$ 11.2 billion.

Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Peru, Brazil , Argentina, Chile Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvadore, Puerto Rico are primarily Importers Market signifying that they are a ready market for auto parts manufacturers.

Negociomundo provide digital solutions & services to suit small, medium and enterprise level businesses with technology at our disposal with bespoke functionality. Leveraging the power of e-commerce, negociomundo is missioned to change the face of the e-commerce for Indian SMEs in auto parts manufacturing and exports, with international solutions and intuitive software to match.

It helps businesses attract buyers, while nurturing them through marketing into sales funnel. It builds effective ROI-based marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations achieve core business objectives.

India has one of the lowest manufacturing costs in the world. Manufacturing cost in India is approximately 35–40 per cent of that in the US as installation and workforce costs are low. Yet, there are many small and medium enterprises who find it hard to access global market due to the lack of knowledge and reach.

India’s auto parts manufacturers and exporter’s space is dominated by OEMs, which accounts for around 70 per cent of the market

negociomundo has established itself as the global channel partner of encouraging SMEs to increase foreign trade volume in auto parts sector with its strong business relations. India which has huge presence of auto parts manufacturers in almost all the states, be Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Karnataka, Utter Pradesh, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, etc gets a huge opportunity in having an online B2B marketplace.

This portal is not a directory of suppliers and buyers but an interactive business e-commerce platform where business listing is done individually and where suppliers and buyers can register themselves for free. Business listing can be done and one can have one’s business website also done from the support team of negociomundo. To differentiate them from a business directory, negociomundo has created a vibrant business market place. One can have an opportunity to make ones presence felt in an online market place.

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