Smosh Entertaining Millions with Parody Videos by Anthony Padilla and Andrew Hecox

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Smosh is an American YouTube channel based on sketch comedy created by Daniel Anthony Padilla (born 16th September 1987) and Ian Andrew Hecox (born 30th November, 1987).

Anthony launched Smosh in 2012. Later on, his friend Ian Hecox partnered him. They started to publish YouTube videos soon in autumn 2005 and Smosh became one of the most popular YouTube channels. Smosh reached around 6 billion views as well as 22 million subscribers, as of August 2017, and successfully became 12th most subscribed YouTube channel.

Team Smosh has expanded to add others to manage animated, video games, and other language videos as well as sketches which covered more actors. However, Padilla left Smosh to create his own channel on YouTube in June 2017. Hence, Hecox is the only co-founder left in Smosh team.

As the most subscribed channel on YouTube, Smosh has come across three different spans. It spanned first time from May 2006 to June 2006. Again, it spanned from the month of April 2007 to September 2008. It spanned from January 2013 to August 2013 for the third time. It has more number of subscribers than any other YouTube channel in the US.

His Rise of Popularity – Smosh

When Anthony was just 15 years old, he was diagnosed with a condition named HSP or Henoch-SchonleinPurpura. He was virtually bed-ridden. So, he was unable to attend school. So, he utilized his time in learning coding. He found a way to connect to his friends, i.e. Smosh, without having to hang out with them.

This website achieved so much fame and name that people started using it who are out of his friend circle. His users’ base grew up to 30000 from just 30 users. Along with Ian, he once posted a video at Smosh of him with Ian as they were lip syncing to the famous track of Power Rangers.

The video was loved so much that it went viral and people started posting the video link to their personal My Space accounts. His video went viral in YouTube which was limited to a website. Both Ian and Anthony launched their own “Smosh” YouTube channel as bandwidth cost was high. They both started selling merchandise together and sold apparel to make some extra on their college days. They got a chance from YouTube to become the part of first Ad program after two years. Hence, they started making a lot of money with their videos. The duo dropped out of college six months later and focused on YouTube for the full time.

Smosh Anthony Padilla and Andrew Hecox allstory

What Makes Him Stand Out?

His brown eyes, dark brown hair, and cute looks make him a heartthrob for girls. He is very smart, witty and attractive, making him a perfect man. He is determined too. He has never allowed his condition to come in his way to progress. He is supposed to be shy and still to an extent, especially for women. He has started his carrier to fulfill his dreams and he is hard working too.

His Personal Life

There is one thing he says that he loves more than everything else in this world, i.e. Tacos. Currently, he is a vegan due to his health conditions. His favorite film is Toy Story from Disney, and he is movie lover too. Actually, he believes that story is real and toys are alive in their own world. It shows how much he loves toys. He loves to stay around children and he pampers them too, especially Sadie who is his cousin.

When he was just two years old, his parents got separated. He used to visit Dan, his father just during weekends. He desired to have both in his life and he was split between them. He has seen his mother with agoraphobia, an anxiety disorder due to which she was house imprisoned.

As a child, another disaster was when his beloved grandmom passed away. He had the responsibility of his household on his shoulders so he ventured out and bought groceries for family when he was 14. He barely mixed around with other children and Ian was his only best friend. His HSP disorder has luckily remained dormant in his adulthood. Currently, he is dating Miel and they never revealed any information about their life.

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