Top 10 ways to get real subscribers for your YouTube Channel

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subscribers for your YouTube Channel

YouTube has been an incredibly amazing marketing platform. If you want the attention from the YouTube algorithm, it is likely to have a lot of subscribers on your YouTube channel. In this blog, we will be sharing few interesting tactics that will work for your channel to get you real and free subscribers. So, let’s get started.

1. Add a strong annotation to your vlog (YouTube channel):-

You must remember that every viewer that watches your video may not subscribe to your channel. In order to get more subscribers, you must ASK FOR IT. There may be people who would be regularly visiting your channel and your videos, but they may not subscribe to it. Thus, it is pretty important for you to remind your viewers to like, share and subscribe to your YouTube Channel.

2. Maintain the frequent and constant publishing schedule:-

The subscribers of your YouTube channel will have certain expectation from you. For example, if you watch a TV show, you will know the schedule of the show as in when the next episode will telecast. Similarly, your subscribers will expect consistency from you along with the qualitative content. The straight forward formula that works for YouTubers is to follow 1*4 schedules that are to publish one video every week and four videos every month. You must ensure that you stick to the decided schedule. You can decide a particular day of the week (E.g. Every Tuesday of the week) when you will be posting your new vlog.

3. Create a playlist:-

Creating a playlist will give you an added advantage of appearing twice in the search result of YouTube. If you are looking out to convert the viewer in to subscriber, then you must use the YouTube playlist. Create a playlist that is relevant and specific for the viewer. Such playlist will increase the content consumption and boost the view time on your vlogs and videos. You can also buy Youtube Subscribers if you want to boost your subscribers in short period.

4. Pinterest strategy:-

Pinterest is also a search engine just like Google and YouTube. However, Pinterest is a visual search engine that includes images. You can include the images in your video that is Pinterest friendly. For example, if you are creating a vlog on beauty hacks then you need to offer the Pinterest friendly image that resonate with let us say makeup kit. You can even focus on building the SEO friendly link that can diver the traffic to your YouTube channel.

5. Include Amazon Reviews:-

If you own a cooking channel, you can leave amazon reviews about other famous cookery books such as “Famous recipes by celebrity & famous chef”. You can even tell your viewers that you will be shortly trying out recipes mentioned in that book to attract the viewers. However, remember that you can directly post links to your channel as it is prohibited according to the amazon guidelines. If you directly include the URLs then it may ban your channel as well. But, YouTube do allow the video reviews that are related to that particular product.


Schedule a “Give-Away” for your top fans:-

It is important for a YouTuber to keep the viewers engaged. You can create some excitement in your YouTube channel subscribers by organizing some small contest and give winners prizes from your YouTube channel. For example, you can give a mug or a t-shirt with your YouTube channel logo as a gift to the contest winner. Also, remember to announce such winners in your vlogs to encourage other fans to participate in upcoming contests.

7. Keep the video under 5 minutes:-

Lengthy and long video may not appeal your audience. Keep the video entertaining, short, informative and sweet. You may try different video length as an experiment. However, 5 minutes video length always works for YouTubers.

8. Try “Video Challenges”:-

Have a look what all challenges are trending in YouTube world. For example, “Ice Bucket challenge was trending for a long time in YouTube and other social media platforms. Ask your audience as in which challenge they would want to you to take up and act on it to create and maintain enthusiasm.

9. Cross-Platform Promotions:-

Maintain your presence in all famous social media platform such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Leave a link in your description so that your audience can trace and connect with you there. These are the best platform for you to build your own community.

10. Experiment and Explore:-

Find out what works best for your videos. Keep up your experiment with camera angels, thumbnail and content. Watch how your viewers react to it and accordingly decide the next step. The commitment and patience will reap best results for you.

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