How Utsav Sharan Start Portal Negociomundo at the Age 23 in Peru

A young man Utsav Sharan, from India at the age of 23, stepped into Peru and established a portal negociomundo

The portal designs and builds high conversion E-commerce, I.T. Solutions & Value Added Services for B2B and B2C businesses. Headquartered at Lima and New Delhi and having geographical presence in more than in India, Bolivia, Chile and Germany, Negociomundo has established itself as the global channel partner of encouraging SMEs to increase foreign trade volume with its strong business relation in India


Negociomundo – Indian Peru Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters Directory

Negociomundo provide digital solutions & services to suit small, medium and enterprise level businesses with technology at our disposal with bespoke functionality. Leveraging the power of e-commerce, negociomundo is missioned to change the face of the e-commerce for Indian SMEs, with international solutions and intuitive software to match. We help businesses attract buyers, while nurturing them through marketing into sales funnel. We build effective ROI-based marketing campaigns that help B2B organizations achieve core business objectives.

Indian are by nature a go getters. For over thousands of years, Indians have been exploring trade opportunities crossing seven seas. But that was not the case with Latin American people. They preferred trade among them due to years of colonial rule. Whatever little they could export was to their colonial partners only.

Indian by its very explorative nature has been able to open whole new vistas for their produce in Latin america. Be it Brazil, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuadore, Uruguay, Paraguy, Colombia, Venezulela or mexico, you would find Indian companies doing business.

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India is the sixth largest export destination for Latin American countries, after US, China, Netherlands, Canada and Japan. In 2014, India was in the third rank with 29 billion dollars ahead of Japan, Netherlands and Canada.Even with the above encouraging statistics, a lot more remained to be explored. Small and medium enterprises were bereft of opportunities to go global.

Negociomundo – Indian Peru Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters Directory

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