The Pakistani Rangers seem to be horrified by the concerns on India’s tallest flag hoisted at Attari. They are alleging that the Border Security Force (BSF) has mounted a spy camera over 360 ft. pole to keep an eye on the international border.

According to the BSF officials, Pakistan officials raised the concerns on a flag meeting which was called particularly to raise this issue.

With over 120×80 ft. of dimensions, the National Flag was hoisted on March 5. Previously, the tallest flag in India was the one at Ranchi raised on 300 ft. pole.

A major BSF official who requested anonymity (he was not authorized to tell anything to media) said, “Pakistan Rangers held a flag meeting and raised concerns. According to them, there is a camera in the pole. In return, we assured them that we haven’t installed any gadget over it.”

The Pakistani force also told that there are norms violating flag’s norms according to which any kind of construction above 150m is not allowed from the border.

360 feet high flag at attari border

India hoisted a 110m flag in the north of Punjab, at the Attari Border. So, Pakistan has been accusing its neighbor regarding violation of international treaties.

Pakistan has complained and raised suspicions that Indian soldiers may have installed hidden cameras on the pole for spying on the international border. They also asked their neighbor to move the flag ahead of the border so it won’t be seen from Lahore, as reported by India Times.

A 200m distance has already been maintained by the Indian authorities from the border and it is too far to violate any norms. A Punjab Government minister, Anil Joshi said, “We have hoisted our national flag in our own soil and no one could stop us doing that.”

The dimension of the flag is 24m wide, 110m long, and it weighs over 55 tones and it is all set to become a leading point of interest at Wagah border. It has replaced the older flag which was over 300 ft. (91.5m) high in Ranchi, Jharkhand. Originally, India scheduled to erect the flag on January 26, but it delayed because of technical matters.

March 16, 2017
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