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Cricket is a game that is currently unaware; the game of cricket extends to the corners of India. Village or city, everyone likes it. First, the parents do not agree to play cricket. Now the time has changed. It can be expected from cricket today that this thinking has given a new dimension to the business of cricket bat and its related items.

Anubhav Sukhija CricketGears Success Story

From this business, Sukhija has given dimension to his life. Anubhav Sukhija belongs to Faridabad. 3 years ago, he made an e commerse company named Cricketgears for only 20 thousand rupees; today’s turnover of one year is Rs. 1 crore.

Anubhav sukhija cricketgears

Anubhav ‘s hobby is cricket. When he is doing BTech in Manav Rachna University then he was able to understand the practice of cricket at the Nahar Singh Stadium in Faridabad. They have to do business, they are also connected to cricket. But he realized that this study would not work in his life, so completed an MBA in Marketing. In the meantime, by selling stuff related to cricket, it started become rich. But due to hard work and market understanding, the turnover of his company has reached 90 lakh rupees this time.

According to Anubhav, “in the beginning, he provided cricket related material to his cricketing friends. After that it was understood that to be enlarged then to go to the e-commerce sector. So they soon opened the company“. Anubhav plays cricket itself. So he knew that there is a problem in getting sports equipment according to need, comfort level and budget. He turned this problem into a business opportunity.

At present, the company has around 2500 regular customers. According to the demand of the customer, the product is sent to him. If someone wants a bat of 1100 grams, then he is able to provide a bat of that weight. Canada, Australia and London have their customers. There is a big scope of business in the e-commerce sector. Customer must be satisfied about product. Customer’s feedback is important for long periods of time.

Anubhav sukhija cricketgears all story

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Cricket is a game that is currently unaware; the game of cricket extends to the corners of India. Village or city, everyone likes it. First, the […]
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