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PhoneRadar is a best resource of information for any phone lover to learn about the past, the present and the future smartphones to expect in the market. The tech team behind is aimed to cover each of the latest updates in technology in the unbiased, deepest, and easiest manner, with up-to-date details. In the current tech scenario, there and endless number of gadgets and around 80% of them are related to mobile devices. PhoneRadar brings the best in smartphone section that a user always likes to read.

It is a completely new platform. So, the PhoneRadar team is always here to report, review and reveal about the new gadgets. The team behind it, Advices Mania, reports and reviews the products for millions of viewers across the world. It’s time to get deeper information in a specific section and readers have been craving in Mobile Phones to get all the latest info.

Amit Bhagwani, Editor-in-Chief, PhoneRadar, added “We are engaged in testing various types of our YouTube channel’s videos on regular basis to add an impression in a way that users will keep the brand name in their mind and revert back to us. Our conventional strategy of unboxing and review videos involves fun and creativity elements.

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He further said it took up to 3 hours for them to record the complete stop-motion video and few more hours in editing. With over 55K YouTube subscribers and over 32M views, PhoneRadar has been brainstorming on various video contents to engage its fans. Amit has recently rolled out the durability test video of UMI Hammer. The device UMI Hammer has passed the test as toughest phone in the world. They have tried a lot of tests. They smashed it with cricket bat, a car, and finally ripped it with a cracker. It has grossed over 4k views in the video.

While sharing his ideas on running PhoneRadar’s official YouTube channel in the successful fourth year, Amit added, “They wanted to create widest content on Smartphone that can help our users. In the beginning, we have seen a lot of demand of video reviews with only limited number of reviewers. After a couple of years, demand has grown rapidly.

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He further added that YouTube has been loaded with lots of creators of late and few of them are spamming the site and manipulating the search. Unfortunately, there is no control on quality in YouTube.

But with PhoneRadar, content is the main focus. Along with the conventional unboxing of smartphone, team PhoneRadar has focused on recording review videos, Hacks and tips videos, and monthly lists like “Top 5 iOS Games in July”. It is vital for them to experiment different ways to enhance engagement with users base.

Team PhoneRadar has been working consistently since the devices have been shared with YouTube team and Content Team. The device video is always checked through Unboxing, video editing, audio recording, uploading, final edits, optimizing tags, and publishing. The Facebook page of PhoneRadar has over 13k fans and Twitter has 5k followers.

About Amit Bhawani – PhoneRadar

Amit Bhawani is the chief blogger of his official blog named “Amit Bhawani Blog” where he shares his tech/web experience with his readers on the blog. Since 2004, he has been a webmaster when he registered his first brand Digital World Solutions. He ventured into other domains like website development, SEO, business consultation, and web hosting. This blog was started in April 2007 and he started blogging in 2005 by writing for several blogs. Eventually he didn’t taste success. Then he became serious on his blog and it got hit around 2009 by Google Panda.


In 2004, he started his online ventures and he has great reach after three years, especially among the bloggers who liked to follow his true passion and the consumers who like to know his opinion on their future purchases. In 2004, he started all these ventures when he was looking for “Google Cash Junction Scam”, it was a CD for making money online that I bought after seeing an ad on local newspaper. It claimed to help make money easily through Google. He was quite shocked and started his research about the company and testimonials to know if it is legit.

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After some quick research, he came across some of the leading discussion forums which were based on webmasters. After doing some more research, he started to learn more and more details regarding this field. He started to increase his own interest and he eventually started developing websites without any HTML programming knowledge. After few weeks of long research and services like submission jobs, forum posting etc, he made some decent amount of money to buy a web hosting account and domain to start his online venture. He was not ready to invest his real money in it. So, he decided to start from scratch, i.e. ZERO Investment.

How receiving millions of visitors’ traffic every month

After a year, he emerged to become one of the leading search engine optimizers in the country and started offering his services across the world and it became possible due to the high ranks of his sites in search engines. The algorithms kept on changing with time. But he always kept himself up-to-date with these updates. After 3 years, he had three big blogs receiving millions of visitors’ traffic every month. With it, he started making good amount of money. Though he didn’t disclose his income, he is trying to help every reader in making money by sharing tips and tutorials in his blog.

His Personal Interest

His favorite pastime is surfing the web while looking for various exciting things and watches a lot of films, including both Bollywood and Hollywood segments. He is also a great photography lover but couldn’t find time to learn it and become a pro. But he still takes some cool snaps with his Canon G9 camera. He also loves traveling and attends various seminars and events and goes for regular holidays.


Amit Bhagwani is a full-time webmaster with a team of tech writers who are engaged in managing his blogs and websites. He always keeps these sites up-to-date and helps visitors get the best results.

April 28, 2017
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PhoneRadar – The Only Source to Unbiased Smartphone Reviews

PhoneRadar is a best resource of information for any phone lover to learn about the past, the present and the future smartphones to expect in the […]