Jessica Iclisoy – A Worried Mom who Built $260 Million Empire

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Jessica Iclisoy – A Worried Mom who Built $260 Million Empire

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In this day and age, there is no list of products which are harmful to our health and we still use them in daily life. We have been using cosmetic products for decades but there is still no solution for side effects. These days, people have been more aware of the potential side effects of products and started looking for the ones which are close to nature.

Today, we are going to talk about Jessica Iclisoy, who was a worried mom. She was planning a baby and looking for some of the best and branded baby products. She started looking at the label and couldn’t get their complex ingredients, just like a normal buyer. She was so curious that she borrowed a chemical dictionary out of a library and started her research on those ingredients in baby products.

She was alarmed that most of these baby products had toxic chemicals which could risk the health of her baby. Even worse, manufacturers also use synthetic flavors on these products. These chemicals are so harmful that can affect skin, hair, and overall health of a child. She was shocked that how millions of mothers worldwide were using these products silently. So, Jessica chose to make change and made better and natural alternative to everything.

Here are some of the key highlights of Jessica Iclisoy life you should know

• Iclisoy became pregnant in 1990 when she started making baby formulas in her own kitchen, after getting shocked by reading labels on baby products and found that most of these products had toxic chemicals.

• To launch her home brand California Baby, she borrowed $2000 from her mom in 1995.

• Today, her company offers over 90 organic, non-toxic baby products at Target, Whole Foods, and other stores, and recorded $80 million of sales in 2016.

• She has her own manufacturing unit and uses some of her own ingredients in her products. She never took help of investors.

An Initiative to Be the Change

She quickly stopped using such products and looking for better alternative, not just for her, but for every mother. So, she decided to manufacture her own product without any harmful chemicals. She made organic shampoo after years of research in her home and it took several attempts to be successful. She started advertising her products and got positive response.

After feeling the need of the hour, Jessica started selling her products on large scale, along with just her friends and neighbors. She realized that she is not alone who was looking for organic baby products, there were tens of thousands of them. So, she started visiting the shopkeepers and convinced them to sell her product. The process was slow and called for a lot of hard work.

all success story Jessica Iclisoy

Jessica Iclisoy Challenges

For the first 8 years, she had to work as a sales girl. She also had to aware people about choosing organic products along with selling her products. Her hard work started to pay off in 1995. She started her own company to reach out to hundreds and thousands of customers and to take her range to a new level. But she was running out of funds to implement this idea. She called her mom up but she couldn’t convince her mom. She was skeptical whether this idea could work. To start her California Baby, she finally got $2000 from her mom.

She Never Looked Back

Jessica Iclisoy started up with just one product in the market, which was an organic, no-chemical baby shampoo. Since then, she never looked back. Currently, she offers over 100 organic chemical-free products under her brand and sells these in over 10000 stores across the US, including leading names like Target, Wal-Mart, and Whole Foods.

She returned the money to her mom after five years. Today, she lets the numbers speak. In 2016, her company crossed over $80 million of sales. She is worth $260 million herself and she is the 100% shareholder of her company.

Our Verdict

So, this is the story of a 50-something mom who once borrowed $2000 from her mom and now became one of the richest self-made women in the world. It’s not just a success story of a woman, but also an example of hard work, consistency, and dedication. It means you can achieve anything in life if your vision is clear.

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