An IITian created road that self repair in Karnataka

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October 9, 2016
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An IITian created road that self repair in Karnataka


Everybody knows the condition of Indian road. When the raining season came then the roads into a self destructing mode. While you fight the unaccountable pits on roads, an India professor (IITian) teaching in Canada found a brilliant way to ensure that the road mends itself without any added cost.

It is very new advanced technology and material. It is very cost effective and self repairing roads. It is very sustainable.

IITian created road that self repair

See the road bellow


He belongs to Nagpur, Nem Kumar Banthia is a professor in Department of civil engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC). He moved to Canada 34 Years ago.

According to Iindia Times, the road created by professor Banthia, which are a result of research in material sciences and structural engineering. It is very cost effective and sustainable in the long term. It is also reduce carban footprint as almost 60% of the cement. The road has been replaced by fly ash. It is also reduce the thickness of 60% less than the typical Indian Road, also reducing the cost of building the road.

In a village about 90 km from Bengaluru. Nem Kumar Banthia was completed the project last year winter and now has survived all the four seasons without any problems.

These are fibres which have a hydrophilic nano-coating on them. Hydrophilia means they attract water and this water then becomes available for crack healing. Every time you have a crack, you always have anhydrate cement and this water is now giving it the hydration capability, producing further silicates which actually close the crack in time.” Banthia said.

Nemkumar Banthia completed B.Tech in Civil Engineering from IIT- Delhi, He has been involved in research for improving the condition of Indian roads. He has been working at the Canada India research center of excellence IC-IMPACTS, where he is a scientific director.

Source:- Iindia Times

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