Reason Why This Girl Chopped off Her Hair will Shock You

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April 23, 2017
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Reason Why This Girl Chopped off Her Hair will Shock You

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Haircuts are difficult decisions for most women. At some point, women were left in tears when it comes to get one. If you ever had glamorous, long hair like me at some point, you may definitely understand my pain.

Even something as easy as getting a trim or even a couple of inches of split hair chopped off is not an easy decision. Especially in India, long hair is craved, praised, and most sought after.

Did you know what happens when the same long hair which is considered as a pride for a woman as well as her crown, turns her weakness?

Girl Chopped off Her Hair

What if the hair, which once was the source of her joy and pride, now brings pain to her? What if when her fingers, which once played with her hair by her lover, now grab it with force?

This ad about a pretty bride who visits a salon and gets her hair cut on her own choice was quite difficult to watch, as a woman.

At some point, almost every woman has faced mental and physical violence in her life. The reality is that a woman lives in utter fear of violence. No matter where she lives and what the attire or time is. She is always at risk.

Most of the times, men who are victimizing women with violence are supposed to be their best friends, boyfriends, or husbands. Prevention is better than cure. This hearing is something we have heard over the years. So, we always take necessary steps to ensure protection. We wear proper clothing, go out less, and always look as unattractive as we can.

This ad has clearly made us feel the pain of a woman who has faced violence and how it led change to her decisions. Her reason of losing hair shows what women face to ensure protection.

If you ever come across this kind of fear, speak up. Loud voice is the most powerful force that helps us.

Hair, the pride of a woman

While we will not give away the crux of the ad, this is one of the most impactful ad related to the topic.

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