Chinese woman make Heart shaped breasts in a new social media craze

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Chinese woman make Heart shaped breasts in a new social media craze

Heart shaped breasts

China never tried of bizarre body challenge. A new social media challenge which sees women making heart shaped breasts is sweeping across the Chinese social media platform.

Different types of game challenges remain viral on the Internet, like Ice Bucket challenge, Beat pe Booti challenge. People fiercely share in these challenges too, one such challenge was to run on the internet 8 months ago, whose name was, one finger selfie challenge.

Heart shaped breasts allstory


Which was considered to be the most stupid Internet game of all time. But the times that Challenge has run on the internet. She is probably the most stupid and crappy. In this, you have to take a selfie in such a way that you will be surprised by knowing; now you will ask why? Perhaps some people might find this challenge fun too.

Heart shaped breasts all story


Heart Shaped breasts Boob Challenge

So today we have brought for you. ‘Heart Shaped Boob Challenge’, That is so absurd and unbearable that no one would want to do it, but people in China are accepting it. In this challenge, women are pressing their hands with their hands and putting them on their breasts, which they are heart-breaking. And posting it on social media.


Heart shaped breasts in china


This challenge is becoming very popular on Twitter’s Chinese version Weibo. It started as a simple Body Challenge, in which the flexibility of the fingers included the Challenges and whose photos were dragged and posted on social media. But in a very short time this turned into Boob Challenge.

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