Model Ella Jonnson Is Banned From Instagram For Being Too Sexy

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Model Ella Jonnson Is Banned From Instagram For Being Too Sexy

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Did you ever imagine that being too sexy can be a delinquency too? While a lot of hotness is generally together with a lot of eyeballs and lot of attractiveness, this may be new for you – Model Ella Jonnson

Ella Jonnson is a U.S model who is banned from Intagram a number of times, now she is become habituated of being banned from Instagram. Her hot pictures are the reason behind the same.

Model Ella Jonnson Sexy Look


Ella Johnson


Ella Jonnson around 4, 51,000 fans and followers on instagram, Elle had become an overnight instasensation from posting her picture in bikinis to her kick ass body.


Model Ella Johnson allstory


But seems like Instagram fear to lady hotness. According to The Sun, the lady got her account recovered after some days, but complaints against her pics continued and she was blocked again.

She posted on twitter, “This photo is not available on #Instagram because @instagram has something against #sideboob. Actually, they just have something against me!

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