Poshtick – Health Startup Offers Healthy Treats to Foodies

Young entrepreneurs and professionals barely have time for having four meals in a day. The millennial generation is always in a hurry. Majority of individuals can arrange only for lunch and dinner. They monitor only the main course well, not the 11am and 5pm refreshment. Most people end up with their favorite snacks in mid-meal segment, such as Pakoda, Chips, and various sugary and oily foods – Poshtick.

Source of Inspiration – Poshtick

The synonymous with ‘Nutritious’ in Hindi, Poshtick is providing an ideal solution to this. This Delhi-based startup has inspiring story for its foundation.

A 23-year-old basketball player, Pranav Sharma (23) started chartered accountancy after school. His lifestyle gradually started to change. He puts on weight by spending several hours at his desk and busy schedule on his internship at Grant Thornton made him unable to follow a balanced diet and spend some time in gym.

His mother who is also a CA couldn’t make healthy dishes for him only. For middle class family, they don’t have so much healthy food options. Every now and then, the tendency to eat unhealthy snacks makes youth to gain weight. He had to find the way out and gradually it became more important.

Poshtick team with all story

The Foundation

With the needs of students and professionals living away from their home, especially from 18 to 40 years old, Poshtick, the leading health and wellness startup, founded in early 2016 by Pranav and his partner Kritik Thakur, who is also a CA. They officially launched their business in September 2016 after months of research.

The startup product at Poshtik is the Finge Box (a combo of ‘binge’ and ‘fitness’) with a healthy drink and three snacks. The portion and calorie of each item is clearly mentioned with the items. Cakes, cookies, and brownies etc. are some of the 50 dishes split into 5 categories. For diabetics, they offer a separate meal box for preventive healthcare.

The boxes are offered on monthly and weekly subscription. All the five boxes for weekdays are delivered just at your home. On average, the order costs Rs. 450 to Rs. 500. Trial boxes have a beverage and five healthy snacks.

The Motto

Poshtick is the answer to all your Snacking Needs to stay healthy and energized all day long. In this date and age where everyone seems to be busy in day-to-day life, priding to be busy, Poshtick is here to make healthy living a basic and most vital part of life. The startup focuses on the burden of managing, weighing and controlling eating habits and patterns and to provide the lip-smacking meals for you.

All of their snacks and desserts are crafted by in-house team of chefs and are approved by experienced nutritionists. It’s like an unknown hand replacing your unhealthy chips with pure and healthy snacks over and over again, which tastes truly amazing.

Managing a balance between health and taste was the biggest challenge for Poshtick. Their chefs prepare dishes which are really nutritious and healthy without adding any artificial flavors and preservatives. For instance, trial mixes have curated, uncooked seeds and berries.

Their chefs also use simple and handy puffing technology to make puff wheat with various flavors like masala or chocolate. These puffs can be consumed as cereals or namkeen. The whole wheat brownies are made without cocoa powder, Maida and sugar. Instead, they used chocolate without hydrogenated fats and Trans fats to prepare it. You can rest assured that they used honey and jaggery as sweeteners, without using sugar.

In the first stage, they launched five products – Brownie, Wheat Puff, Chocolate Ragi, Rusk and Achar Roti.

delhi based postick startup story

The Concept

We, Indians, have traditional food purchasing patterns. We rarely buy food online. Actually, Pranav has first visited supermarkets to observe shoppers’ behavior at modern stores. They always crave for variety, instead of caring about prices. Nutritional channels are mostly overlooked. However, this trend is changing gradually.

According to him, modern buyers now spend with caution. Sustainability relies on value, instead of variations. The 20% to 30% of margins of Poshtick comes without cashback or discount policies. They provide referral programs and free samples. According to Pranav, free samples also bring orders. He understands that a strong business model counts on to successful orders.

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