Shruti Anand – A Small Town Girl Who Became a YouTube Star

Is it possible to look glamorous without rushing to beauty salon? Do you watch DIY makeup and hair care videos every day but not confident on how to get it on your own? Your wait is over! – Shruti Anand

A 31 years old YouTube star, ShrutiArjunAnand runs her official channel which is meant exclusively for Indian women. With plenty of sensational DIY makeup and hair care fixes, Shruti Anand’s YouTube channel still stands out of the crowd. The USP of this video channel is the fact that she has focused on some small segments that are devoted to your daily life and outfits, various hair styles, henna designs, and makeup tutorials that are embedded well in her decent videos. So, beauty queens, check out her hottest DIY videos.

The Secret of Shruti Anand Success

She is a young and dynamic woman who looks straight at the camera and starts video with simple way of greeting, something like “Hi Guys”. The background changes in every video, from cute bedrooms to living room, to statement walls with attractive décor. She talks about various DIY projects, i.e. fashion, beauty, and sometimes about daily life. One thing always remains common – each video is made by a single person – a woman editing, shooting and writing all the contents.

YouTube has witnessed huge demand for the same content. In this regard, fashion and beauty channels are the undisputed leaders.

Satya Raghavan, Entertainment Head, YouTube India, said at 2015 Fan Fest in Mumbai, “The views for videos about beauty and fashion had expanded up by 138%. On the other side, the views for entertainment and comedy grown up by 100% and independent musicians grew up by 92%. It’s no shocking fact that only four Indian fashion and beauty channels have grown collectively over 100 million views on YouTube.

shruti arjun anand youtube success story

Beginning Youtube Channel ShrutiArjunAnand

These channels are here because of various reasons – creative energy, enough of time, or just because the YouTuber has a story to share. Shruti Arjun Anand is one such creator who has been the earliest candidate to the self-made YouTube genre in India. While waiting for the work visa in the USA in 2011, she started creating videos. Eventually she moved to Noida to work on her official channel full time in 2013.

YouTube videos have been the sure shot winner over websites and print in fashion and makeup, as they provide a relatable, friendly face and explain actually how to achieve a certain look, or what a specific fashion style or dress will look like. As they are based usually on the personal experience of the creator, it seems more relatable and real, just like the recommendations and opinions of a friend. Most of these videos are the life-like versions of the articles found in newspapers and magazines.

About Shruti Anand

Shruti was born and raised in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh. She was always interested in creative things in her school days, whether the handicrafts work, small DIY projects, and art works. Just like any middle class family girl, she too grew up with typical Indian thinking.

One has to be either engineer or a doctor for a successful career. Being constructive cannot be the profession because it is subject to financial insecurity.” It is a common thinking we all have grown up with.

Shruti joined Steria India Limited to start her professional career after graduating in Computer Science. She got married in 2009. She moved to the US with her husband in early 2010. She had to continue her work in the IT sector in the US.

In 2010, she was in Washington DC. Currently, she is a techie. She started catching up with plenty of ‘How to” videos as a viewer and found the whole community of creative enthusiasts on YouTube, on her commute to work which used to take 90 minutes in total. She stumbled upon several DIY videos on cooking, hair styling, makeup etc.

shruti anand all story

She discovered how people are sharing what they have got and their talent. Finally, in January 2011, she decided to give a fair chance to her passion for beauty/fashion and she created her official YouTube channel ‘ShrutiArjunAnand’. She decided to learn consistently and share her videos. For up to two years, she started spending all her empty time to make it big on YouTube.

How full-time profession YouTuber – Shruti Anand

She started buying makeup kits and learning all the techniques. Soon, she realized that most of the tips and products available on this site were not suited for Indian skin tubes. In between jobs, she recorded a video in 2011 and uploaded the same on YouTube for testing purpose. Soon, she made it a habit to upload videos every week.

In April 2013, she returned back to India with her family. She decided to change the game and to give a full go to her passion. She made it her full-time profession on YouTube. She, along with her husband moved back to Noida, India and she kept uploading YouTube videos and her popularity is eventually growing.

Her techie husband also decided to help her to work on her YouTube channel and left the job. They have a team of five members. They want to enhance their user base by introducing their own accessories and product lines.

There is a family of 8 members in Noida and all are YouTubers. Currently, she is the biggest star of this YouTube family in India. Her other members are Arjun Sahu, her husband, her daughter, and her sister-in-law, sister of her sister-in-law and other relatives. She started her make-up channel in 2013. Her husband was in the US and she was a housewife. In the US, makeup products were cheap and easy to access so she decided to try various looks on herself and make video.

Where Shruti Anand Is Today?

Today her channel has over 7.8 Lakh subscribers and up to 133 million views. She keeps on making YouTube videos with positive feedbacks. She gets plenty of product placements and advertisements from brands like Nykaa, Lakme, and LA Girl. She teaches DIY hairstyles, bridal makeup, eyeliner tips and on how to choose right foundation shade for Indian women.

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