Dude Perfect – A Legendary Name behind Extreme Sports Methods

Dude Perfect is a YouTube-based American sports entertainment group, including Garrett Hilbert, twins Cory and Coby Cotton, Tyler Tony, and Cody Jones. They all are former basketball players in high school as well as roommates who studied at Texas A&M University.

These guys are well known for stunt-based trick shots and other extreme sports methods and they are also involved in “Stereotypes” series for comedy sessions where they make fun on widespread stereotypes in sports world. They often take part in charitable and not-for-profit campaigns and they also worked with Make-A-Wish.

According to the group, their shots usually rely more on skills in American football instead of baseball. They have broken a lot of records in Guinness Book of World Records and have up to 23 million subscribers and 3.8 billion video views as of October 2017. So, they are the 13th most subscribed YouTube channel and second most popular sports channel, behind Sports which has up to 75 million subscribers.

Dude Perfect – The Beginning

Earlier, they had Tyler, along with Cory, Coby and Garrett in the group. Then twins approached Cody to join them. Through football shots on their backyard, they used to bet on sandwiches, which were also recorded and trick shot video at ranch “Backyard Edition” was also released. The video got up to 100,000 views in a week.

Tony stated about the name, “Sean is our camera guy who set it down on a ledge. By turning on the camera, Tyler was in frame already and he said “dude, perfect” and he barely needed to move camera. When we went to edit video, the twins decided to brand it and named ‘Dude Perfect’.

Then, they launched a trick shot video Sky Ranch from the Christian summer camp, which has up to 18 million views now. For every video and 100000 view received, the community pledged to sponsor a Compassion International child. Then E:60 from ESPN approached the group for a segment and on the third floor of Kyle Field of Texas A&M. Toney converted the shot and moved 3.9 seconds and it was a world record then. The shot prompted appearances on TV on ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, First Take, SportsNation and Around the Horn.

Dude Perfect is a YouTube-based American sports entertainment group all story

Panda mascot’s Introduction

Dude Perfect eventually launched Panda mascot, who had a cult following at the games at A&M basketball when taunting opposing team players. Panda also completed and win a few Battles.

Launch of Draft, Mobile App and TV show

Dude Perfect launched a game for Android and iOS in 2011 titled “Dude Perfect”. In addition, a nationally published book “Go Big” was authored by Cory Cotton in which he has written the secrets learned by the group on the way to build a business when everyone is influenced by social media.

Harlem Globetrotters selected the group in June 2015 in their player draft. The group was approved for TV series in September 2015 entitled “CMT’s Dude Perfect Show” which aired during 2016 first half.” Nickelodeon picked the Dude Perfect Show Season 2 which was aired on July 22, 2017.

Regular Dude Perfect videos are of extreme sports genre. Mostly they are stunt-based trick shots which are based on maneuvers and techniques on American football but it also has Nerf shots, go-karts, contraptions and even more.


It is a satirical series where group acts on the common stereotypes on various subjects, including softball, pick-up basketball, fishing, driving, golf, and Madden NFL players of video games. The editors and cameramen of Dude Perfect, Tim and Chad, in Editor Edition, performed in a Stereotypes clip on the Dudes. Rage Monster stereotype is a gag on a contestant in each series’ videos where Tyler plays a person who undergoes an angry rampage on the innocent moments, especially over Cody.


It is a contest of ‘last man standing’ where members have to compete in a battle in tournament style, basically for a trophy. Tyler is the most successful guy with Garrett. Garrett is a gag before each battle. Coby achieved his victory after 28 battles when he beaten Garrett in the last round. Video ended when he gained procession and gave a speech. Though winning team doesn’t get a prize, but losing team gets punishments, such as drinking cold hot blended pockets, paint angels, and being taped to a column.

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