Fight Against Polution: Asia’s First Vertical Forest is coming soon in China

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Fight Against Polution: Asia’s First Vertical Forest is coming soon in China


Vertical Forest will produce 60 kg oxygen every day.

Asia’s First Vertical Forest

China has pollution problem, One Italian architect could have help. These amazing forest buildings could help tackle China’s pollution problems. China has one of the biggest air pollution’s in the world.

Nanjing Towers will produce 60 kg to 65 Kg Oxygen every single day. Think breathing oxygen that is 4,000 times purer than our city air. professionally that dream will soon come true in china.

The Nanjing Towers will conduct over 3,000 plants comprising of 1,050 trees and nearly 2,500 shrubs from 25 different local species.


Italian architect, Stefano Boeri designed both of the tower and each towers will stand tall at a height of 656 feet and 354 feet respectively.


The taller tower will have house, offices, a museum, a terrace club and a green architecture school.


The smaller tower will have house a rooftop pool & a Hyatt hotel with 247 rooms.


The towers will be complete by 2018 and offer great views from balconies along with setting a great benchmark for enhance biodiversity.


Designer Stefano Boeri has already designed two towers in Milan, Italy known as the Bosco Verticale and similar construction will soon open up in Lausanne, Switzerland.


In a world where high-rise buildings are reaching for the skies, little effort in making them environment-friendly can go a long, long way.

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