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Today’s women are not all about being housewives. In this post, we are going to talk about a mother of two, founder and CEO of Mydala, largest discount portal in India, Anisha Singh. She is described as Hurricane Anisha and the Queen of Averages. The fire-spirited sardarni shares her twists, life experiences, and turns in her journey to develop MyDala and how she got the idea when she was pregnant for four months.

About Anisha Singh Past Life

Anisha Singh was born and brought up in a Delhi-based Sikh joint family. She spent most of her early years with her grandparents. Her parents were busy in their business. Her father worked in Air Force and she completed her schooling in Air Force school and he just started his business. She faced a lot of tough times.

She was just an average student in childhood. She realized that she made a huge mistake when she enrolled herself to college. The college was excellent but she was an average student and she didn’t get much encouragement from teachers. But she couldn’t accept the fact that she has limited talent.

At a very early age, she decided and committed herself that she will never start any business as she had seen her father facing many problems in starting his business. Her family didn’t even have funds to pay her school fees. Life was too tough for her. She didn’t have any ambition in her life and she was not motivated. Her cousin once recommended her to join Discovery Channel. She got an internship and realized that world is not just the way we see while working with them.

Mydala anisha singh all story

She grabbed an opportunity after a couple of days and applied for Political Communication programme in the American University. In the United States, they were at No.3. Her parents supported her as post graduation could help her get a good husband. But instead doing MA, she joined one elective class in B-school and has done MBA. Luckily, a professor kept motivating her and this is when she got turning point in her life. She realized that she also has a brain and voice and she could use these. The more she used her mind and voice, the more she desired to succeed.

Anisha Singh Work Life

She met great women entrepreneurs in the business school. She followed one of them, Julie Holdren. Julie had twins but she used to perform 30 pushups and she ran a company with huge staff of 400 employees. Anisha got her inspiration to be like Julie. There are only a few moments which let you change yourself, define you, and it was the moment when she found herself. Her parents were horrified as many people told them that she is too qualified to find a compatible partner. But they knew that she got her voice and learned to grow.

Mydala founders anisha singh all success story

She got an opportunity in business school to work for Clinton administration. She worked on an initiative to raise funds for women entrepreneurs. Her eyes were opened and she found some great women who had no limits. The more entrepreneurs she met, the more she got fascinated. For four years, she was gaining experience.

When she was working, she got two offers for the job, i.e. one from Boston and another from Washington DC. She chose to move to Boston overnight where she was the only Indian but she got the best experience. She worked with e-learning company and she decided to come back to India to do something herself. In 2005, she came back and worked on her first venture, KINIS.

The Inception of MyDala

In 2009 after four years, she got married and moved back to the US and focusing on her work. She found MyDala as a great opportunity while looking for various aspects. Travel was the only industry in India where you need to buy ticket online and you get offline experience when you are on flight. Groupon started up and she got that idea to try in India. She met MakeMyTrip’s Deep Kalra and told about her plans. She was pregnant but she started up in small space shared with the dental clinic of her mom. Today, her venture is worth up to Rs. 1000 Cr.

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