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Sonal Sagaraya had first interaction with YouTube when she was searching for a quick fix for an issue she faced when she was taking an animation course. She got what she wanted in YT. But she also got influenced to the feeling of community she witnessed there. Eventually, she is attached to beauty vlogs. She was wondering if she could do it also. She added, “I have always been into vlogging”. So, she had nothing much to work on content. Around 4 years ago, she had to meet her old school friend. Luckily, her friend just owned a DSLR camera. So, she asked him to record her to publish her videos. Eventually, these friends turned into business partners.

Who is Sonal Sagaraya?

Sonal Sagaraya is an Indian lifestyle and beauty vlogger, a beautician, and a YouTuber with official channel SonalSagaraya . Born in Guyana,South America on October 6, 1990, Sonal Sagaraya is passionate in crafting nail art designs, makeup looks, and treats. She has enjoyed a lot of popularity for her beauty and hair tutorials, DIY project walkthroughs, haul unboxing, and healthy eating videos. Draw My Life was the most popular and best vlog by her. It has got over 525,000 views and counting. She is associated with her business partner Kaushal who shoots her beauty tutorials for YouTube. Her YouTube channel has over 6,096,977+ views and 57,588+ subscribers.

How Her Journey Started?

Initially, she uploaded her videos casually. But as time passed, she started getting a lot of positive comments and emails and most of the viewers asked for more. Around 2 years ago, they started to take such reviews more seriously. They also contacted YouTube Team for optimization of their videos and for tech support.

Currently, they target for up to 2 to 3 videos a week. Due to busy schedules (she is also invited to different events), she ensures that she uploads at least one video a week. They shoot usually at a vacant flat belongs to a relative of her. They have created mini sets in different parts of the flat for various types of shoots. Sometimes, they also shoot outdoors.

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Why Her Channel is So Popular?

Every month, she tries something new. And some of those end up being her personal favorites. And she shares about those things in her monthly favorite videos every month.

Beauty DIY Awesomeness is the collection of her fun and simple DIY beauty tips. According to her, you don’t always need to spend on skin care and cosmetic products. Sometimes, you can just make the things with household supplies. With these videos, you may learn how to improvise things and formulate your DIY lip scrub, skincare, body mist, and several other products.

My Lipstick Obsession is another collection of her videos about lipstick products. She loves to experiment with new lipsticks as well as lip scrubs and lip glosses. You may watch this playlist for lipstick reviews, lipstick swatches, and her collection of lipsticks for various occasions. She shares details about lipsticks for various skin tones.

Her nail art series, #ChipperNails is also very popular. She loves trying different types of nail arts, techniques and designs. Generally, she prefers most of them to be simple. You may watch her personal collection of nail art designs in this category.

You can get the vibrant spring look, basic makeup look, old-school look, neutral dinner date look or even duo chrome festive look by following the techniques featured in her Makeup Tutorials.

Along with makeup, Sonal is also a foodie. She loves desserts and sweets the most. She loves to cook different dishes and always tries new sweet recipes that are a lot easier to follow in her #ChipperTreats videos. She introduces her fans to a new set of recipes be it Oreo Milk Shake or DIY Chocolate Easter Eggs.

rising popularity of the channel

Along with these reviews and demos, there is something more behind the rising popularity of the channel, which made her brand deals to add more income. Most of the views in her channel come from tablets and mobiles. So, she enjoys more popularity among the housewives and college girls who are more concerned about their looks and beauty. Her instructions are also easy to follow for any woman. She shares simple designs and makeup tips.

September 16, 2017
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