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At an age when everyone is busy making plans to travel around the world or party with their peers, Neerav Jain, a 21 year old boy from Jodhpur had thoughts and dreams class apart; of setting people free from the shackles of purchasing expensive commodities like furniture and consumer appliances so that they can rather invest in experiences and other valuable assets. CityFurnish, India’s fastest growing Furniture, Furnishings and Home Appliances online rental brand was founded by Neerav Jain in September 2015, and in a short span of 2 years, it has become one of the top three online furniture rental brands in the country. Since its inception, the brand has been revolutionizing the on-demand rental economy by making renting affordable and easy. The factor which sets the brand apart from its competitors is their in-house manufacturing that ensures that every product has utmost quality and is carefully designed; in addition to custom packages and speedy 72 hour delivery.

CityFurnish - Furniture and Rentals

The idea of CityFurnish came out of Neerav’s personal experiences. The one big problem which CityFurnish aims to solve is the one which Neerav encountered while staying at a rented accommodation in Delhi during his undergraduate days at Delhi University. As if finding an affordable place to stay was not enough, finding good quality furniture, that fits the bill and utility, on top of that, was a tedious task. Having worked with Pepperfry as an Export Manager and with an extensive experience managing his family business Chandra Shekhar Exports, helped him gain immense knowledge about the furniture industry. It was during his visit to Netherlands to receive an export order for his family business where he met Mark, who was running a program called startup boot camp, which he asked Neerav to be a part of. Post getting incubated in the start-up boot camp, Neerav’s startup idea made it to the top 10, out of 100 other startups, serving as a huge validation for the concept. He completed the tasks at hand in Netherlands and came back to Delhi with an idea of starting an online furniture rental business that later came to be known as CityFurnish. However, what really pushed his morale and brought him confidence in his potential business was receiving the first order on September 20, 2015, the company had not yet been incorporated officially, yet a business demand could be witnessed.

After having his share of research and understanding of the industry, Neerav made an observation that renting furniture had been a common trend in the West, but never in India. The lifestyles of generations before the present one had been such where they were not required to move around and change cities. But with a change in the lifestyle and youth moving out of their hometowns for studies or in search of better job opportunities, renting furniture would come in handy. They would not have to spend all their resources on buying furniture, furnishings, or even basic home appliances, because CityFurnish will offer them all of it, through its range of Residential and Commercial furniture, which is an epitome of comfort and utility.

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About Neerav Jain, CityFurnish – Furniture and Rentals

Neerav holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from Delhi University, and Business & Enterprise Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He later went on to attend the Lean Launchpad and Business Innovation course at Utrecht University. Having worked in various key positions at Climpex Furniture and his family business Chandra Shekhar Exports before finding CityFurnish, in a career spanning 3 years, he has an extensive experience in furniture industry in managing sales, marketing and Business management (B2B and B2C) and formulating strategies for growth with an overall business perspective. Leading the CityFurnish team as founder and CEO, the key focus area for Neerav is to drive the Company towards growth by way of strengthening the brand and by leveraging upon inherent strengths of the business, offering a one stop solution to customers for their complete furniture and furnishing needs.

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