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Anshul Goel, IIT-Delhi alumni came to realise the importance of good impactful education when he was kids then his parents decided to shift him to Delhi Public School (RK Puram) from Jind, a small city of Haryana. Instantly before the shift, Anshul had topped his district in the Matriculation board exams.

An teenage Anshul, in a make new environment, noticed the influence of modernism and exposure on his new fellow batch mates. While his astuteness matched theirs, there was a strong imbalance in personality traits. Books, he learnt, needed to be balanced with experience of the outer world for complete progression of one’s personality. He was greatly influenced by Dr.Shyamachona, the then principal of DPS RK Puram, who is a settler in the education industry. Her positive aura, great full and powerful personality in valued by Anshul till date. Also, He was influenced by how every child in the school was treated without any bias, irrespective of their cultural background.

As a fast and smart hold on things around made Anshul a part of the urban crowd sooner than soon, the basis of his dream to build and administer a school was formed. However, the real momentum to practically implement on his dream came upon the arrival of his daughter Aaradhya in his life. Now two years of age, Aaradhya is going to be the first student of “Growing Steps”.

It is not just education, but ‘holistic education’ that is imperative to a child’s overall mental, social, spiritual and cultural growth. Kids are like a breath of fresh air, avoid of unnecessary exposures to the mad world out there. These kids are like raw materials who can take the shape of any mould they are cast into. They know how to create and try out new things we can learn from them. The society therefore owes a lot to this budding generation, and the best way to give back is through impacting and generating.

The values necessary for social, spiritual, mental and cultural growth fruitful knowledge, Exposure in the most apt manner and taking them out of their shell, Exposure in the most apt manner and taking them out of their shell, The self-confidence in their individual creativity.

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Another factor which we have seamlessly tried to inculcate in our school’s culture (which is slowly developing) is evaluating the school’s performance with kid’s instead of evaluation of children’s performance. This message again reinforces the fact that “ALL KIDS ARE SPECIAL” and All are equal in all aspects of learning. It puts emphasis a child specific approach.

At Growing Steps , your child will grow and transform each day. As beautiful children enter the premises of their school, they will be taught how to think, instead of what to think. We shall keep them open to explore their hidden curiosities and make them comfortable with questioning as much as answering. This and much more until the little stars explore their new haven, bit by bit.

I hope that all the parents enjoy making their children a part of Growing Steps. We are excited to know each and every child better and see them growing on their pre-school journey


To create a wholesome environment of learning, in such a way that each child realises his/her individual passion and potential to the fullest.


To send the children home each and every day with a different idea and a new learning.

About Growing Steps

7 practical signs of a great preschool

• Kids are always occupied productively

• Access to various activities throughout the day

• Better child to teacher ratio, ensuring individual attention

• Children learning in the context of their everyday experiences

• Prioritising outdoor play instead of instructional time

• Curriculum is adjusted according to subjective interests

• Children and their parents look forward to school


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