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Abijit Ganguly StandUp Comedian is a Bengali kid, conceived in Bangalore, brought up in Delhi, in the midst of the profoundly affecting Punjabi culture, dating a Gujarati young lady who lives in UP.

Abijit Ganguly has been executing as a Stand-Up Comedian for more than four years now, and is by and by around 400+ shows old (organize appears, bar gigs, school appears and corporate gigs). His cleverness is basically everything without exception he discovers amusing, be it generalization perceptions, understudy life, liquor abuse, connections , office encounter, parties, bengali-punjabi , Facebook , tussle, hobos, societal issues, white collar class life, and so on. For the most part, his sets are perception fueled tales and he depends on group of onlookers identifying with what they hear so as to get the chuckles.

Abijit has performed widely in the urban areas of Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Pune , Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Mumbai and so on. He has performed consistently in the Best of Stand-up lineup at The Comedy Store, Mumbai and was a piece of India’s first English stand-up celebration, the Weirdass Comedy Festival and additionally the first and final Stand-up Comedy Festival in Gujarat. He has been highlighted various circumstances on NDTV Rising Stars of Comedy and has been secured different circumstances by driving distributions, for example, Times of India, Hindustan Times, Zee News , Statesman, Indiatimes , The Hindu, and so forth.

Abijit Ganguly StandUp Comedian career life

Abijit, was born in Bangalore and brought up in Delhi. He is a standout among the most prevalent stand-up entertainers and furthermore alluded to as ‘Bappi Lahiri‘. He gazed his profession as an outstanding entertainer before 4 years, when he got up in front of an audience, to depict life as downs and not ups. He is popular for taking up a significant issue and showing it amusingly. He cites numerous tales and guarantees that his group of onlookers can identify with that. He has offered meetings to many driving magazines like, ‘The Hindu, Times of India , The Hindustan Times and so forth’ and has likewise showed up in the slanting news channel, NDTV, in the show ‘Rising Stars of Comedy‘.

Meet Abhijit Ganguly A StandUp Comedian allstory

Abijit Ganguly StandUp Comedian Youtube Channel

Abhijit Ganguly’s Youtube channel has four 72,618 subscribers and over 9,023,478 views (as of September 2017). He’s famous for his accounts on Marriageable Age, Alcoholism, Racism, Superheroes, Beggars, dating a Gujarati Girl, Weight Issues, Traffic and Contemporary Issues. On exceptional demand, he does a great deal of sex satire (which is somewhat amusing).

Some Recent Controversies

Gone are the days when Kapil Sharma carried on with a tranquil, debate free life as one of India’s driving stand-up entert. Abijit Ganguly has composed a Facebook post in which he says that one of his most mainstream jokes has been stolen by Kapil Sharma for the 100th scene of The Kapil Sharma Show. Abhijit Ganguly’s joke is about how more youthful siblings turn out to be great quick bowlers in Indian cricket on the grounds that their senior siblings influence them to bowl throughout the day.

Abijit Ganguly StandUp Comedian says he has been playing out this joke since three years, and it’s one of his most prevalent gigs. He expresses, “I had discharged a high quality piece on YouTube and FB on ‘having a senior sibling‘ around two weeks back. One of the jokes in the routine is an observational joke on how from Kapil Dev to Zaheer Khan (refering to some different names, for example, Srinath, Harbhajan Singh , Kumble) all fruitful Indian bowlers have been co-unexpectedly more youthful siblings, prompting the punch of ‘Do you understand how abnormal it is that India’s knocking down some pins quality relies upon the way that senior siblings never let more youthful siblings ever bat.”

September 27, 2017
Meet Abhijit Ganguly StanUp Comedian

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Abijit Ganguly StandUp Comedian is a Bengali kid, conceived in Bangalore, brought up in Delhi, in the midst of the profoundly affecting Punjabi culture, dating a […]
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