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The size of your city or town could not define the size of your dreams. Kulwant Nagi saw a dream, worked towords it and made it happen. This is his success story as a professional blogger.

Kulwant Nagi was born and brought up in the small town of Fatehabad in Haryana. He was a normal kid who was doing an Engineering job. A few personal and professionals jolts in life made him decide to take things in his own hands, earn money by blogging and is today renowned globally as one of India’s top affiliate marketers and bloggers. No magic tricks, no money in hand, no blogging background, in fact, he confesses that he didn’t use to write or speak good English. Persistence has been the key for him.

He sold his bike for Rs 32,000 to set off his blogging journey that started with in 2011, followed by the next year. For close to 18 months, he blogged without earning a penny, but then tables turned and fortune changed. Starting by making $100 a month, he recently hit the $15,000 a month mark. We were happy to interact with him to know more about his journey, so lets hear it all from the horse’s mouth.

From Fatehabad(Haryana) to the ticket to Rochester to becoming a millionaire blogger. How has the journey been so far?

This all started in 2008, when I got inspired by one classmate, as he was preparing for the GRE exam. I asked him everything about GRE and TOEFL exam and finally made my mind to pursue my higher education from USA.

I have studied till 12th standard in government schools. My parents did their schooling in Panjab, and we had nobody at home who knew English. In 18 months (mid 2008 to end 2009), I learnt enough English to crack GRE examination with 1300/1600 and TOEFL with 99/120. I applied for 6 universities in USA and luckily got admission letter from all of them.

Rochester institute of technology offered my $16,000 scholarship, so I decided to go there, as it helped me save a lot of money. But soon I realized that we didn’t have money to afford the rest of the tuition fee. So I dropped the plan and literally cried every night for next 3 months, as I could see my dreams getting fulfilled by doing that job for my entire life.

Then I started my first blog in September 2011, and then second blog on 15th January 2012. Rest is just the history.

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What was a personal turning point that made you determined to not just blog, but make it a full time career.-
Kulwant Nagi

I am a very techy person. Every time my friends used to face any technical issues with their mobiles, laptops, desktops, website they used to come to me. Those days I used to read a lot of hacking, tutorial, tricks related forums, so I knew that this was something very big and people are making money out of it. When I started my blog in 2011, I spent many sleepless nights reading interviews of people who were making a lot of money with their blogs. I started blogging with the intention to take it full time career only.

Did you ever imagine that you would become one of the most renowned bloggers in India and in the world when you started?

I always believe in putting the best, so something inside me always pushed me to perform better than others in blogging arena.

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Tell us three mantras, if not strategies that you think made you click? -Kulwant Nagi

1. Read more.
2. Take actions.
3. Don’t look for the shortcuts.

What do you think keeps people away from blogging? Other than earning, why do you think it is important to blog? Most of the people thinking blogging is the best way to make quick money online.

They just want quick results without learning what blogging actually is Most of the bloggers in India are teenagers. So they cannot treat their blog like a business, as their parents are always there to feed the money and help them when they want anything.

Opposite to this, there are bloggers who are very successful because they have business mindset for their blog and they have the business mindset for their blog and they are full time into blogging.

So I think the difference is – treating blogging a hobby vs treating it a business.

How has affiliate marketing and online monetization picked up in India and Asia? How do you see these trends moving forwards?

Affiliate marketing is one of the beautiful business where you make money without having any extra headache to provide customer care and refunds.

A lot of good affiliate marketing companies are emerging in India which are bringing some great offers to help the advertiser get more conversion and help the publisher to get more conversion and help the publisher to get handsome amount of return.

There is affiliate marketing everywhere today. People getting 50 Rs, 100 Rs or whatever the amount is, to get the app installed in their friend’s phone. You can see everyone doing this to make money with their phones.

So affiliate marketing has a very good future in India.

Increasing number of people are installing AdBlokers on their sites. Do you see a shift from display advertising to different forms of native ads and text based affiliate links in the future?

This is a real threat for the advertisers and there are a lot of debates about this topic on various forums.

The growth of the AdBlockers is exponential. As the number of AdBlockers users are growing, the number of internet user are also growing at the same rate. So I think there will be always a window to make money with the banner ads.

The perfect solution of this problem is – email marketing

Start building email List from your blog so that you can sell anything when you want.

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The digital marketing industry is becoming highly competitive and saturated with time. What would your advice to aspiring marketers be? -Kulwant Nagi

I would answer in question with just a line

If there is competition that simply means that there is money to be made.

Don’t run just because there is a competition. You are in this world because of competition between few sperms and one was the winner.

Thoughts for our readers? -Kulwant Nagi

Thanks a lot for having me on All story. I enjoyed your questions thoroughly as they were unique and with a different angle.

Here are some tips I would like to recommend.

1. Don’t jump from niche to niche. Master one market first and then move to another.
2. Blogging is a professional it’s not a hobby, so treat it like that only.
3. This is a profession where you are the boss, the admirer, the critique, the action taker or I can say you are everything. So make the mistakes and learn from them.
4. Start reading good books, because this is the place where the treasure is hidden.
5. Don’t annoy other blogger by asking very simple questions. Master the skills to use Google perfectly and use it to find your solutions.
6. Money is by product. It comes when you perform good.

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