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My first Interview and blog published on ‘Silicon India Magazine‘..(2013). Turning point of my career. More than 2 lakh 80 thousand views – Upendra Rana

Changes In The Professional Environment: Upendra Rana

When I Joined as a fresher. At that time I was learning all about these things, But Improved myself time to time. I won awards in my organisation as best Employee of the month many times in my starting years. Now these days Things have been changed in both perspective means salary as well as designation. Now my salary is more than double as I was getting at the fresher level in my previous company. Responsibilities increases and senior shows faith on me.

Degrees That Matter:

In this field at least graduation degree is must to get job only and sound knowledge of Internet and computer knowledge is enough with fluent in English. But if you have Master degree than it become easy to hike your salary as well as career graph.

Role Model:

My Father inspires me a lot he has vast experience of professional life.He always taught me how to handle pressure and to get rid of tension. He always says one thing to me that calm and polite.Respect your senior always.

Professional Strengths: Upendra Rana, Sound knowledge of html and dynamic websites.
In seo Guest post is one of the favorite activity which I personally like most.

Contribution to the field:

1.In the moth of May 2012, Team leader assign me task to get more guest post approval in a less time frame. Which I completed successfully and get rewarded for this.
2.Best team awarded for in the new year celebration. Unforgettable moment of my life.
3.In college time I worked as an organizer for the show “SA RE GA MA PA”. I got rewarded for this.

Done Differently:

Now I am relaxed and happy way career goes on the top so I don’t think so.

Growth Strategy:

I keep myself updated with major search engine algorithm and ranking systems, specific for Google. Recently, I have had a very knowledge able experience with Google Penguin & Panda. I worked according to the guidelines that help me reach the goal.I believe SEO/SMO is an on-going learning process that comes with a new challenge every day and that’s what excites me to think innovative and act proactive.

The Decisions That Matter

After completion of MCA ,I was looking for job but didn’t get in development lack of 60% marks in 10th and 12th standard.I move my career towards the Internet marketing, Now I am happy with the way life going.I have 1.5 years of experience now I am earning good salary. Actually Internet marketing field is wide and it has good repo in the market also. I am happy way my career graph rise.

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Job Profile:

Currently holding a profile of “Internet Marketing Executive” with a result oriented IT Company IDS Logic. Here I am handling two member team.I have 10 projects all are from overseas. I have check On page of the sites and off page activity my team member do.I am looking SMO for all projects.

Family Background

I belong to a simple middle class family, where my father is teacher and mother is a housewife. My elder brother is working as a manager in a MNC company.

Working Life Management:

It is easy for me to balance both professional life as well as personal life.I think about the professional things like work to do or else whatever is going on, in between 9.30 am to 6.30 p.m. when i shut down my system then i forget each and every things just enjoy personal life with friends and family.I like to listen music.Music keeps me going and friends keep me happy.

Career Profile: Upendra Rana

Here I am handling team.I am looking On page for my 10 projects. I have to give training session to my team mates.I am responsible for Ranking of keywords, so I make strategy for this also.

Plans For The Future: Upendra Rana

I would be in the chair of manager. I will be handling team of 50 to 70 members. When career will rise than automatically salary also get hiked.

Required Reading:

Some websites :
1.Search Engine Land
3.SEO round table

Prized Accomplishment(s):

My ranks drop down suddenly due panda and penguin update then for two months I did hard work according to the guidelines of Google that help me reach the goal.Lastly, I want to say never loose your hope.Nothing is impossible in this world.Only we have to become flexible and move according to situation demand.

Article Original Source:- Silicon India Magazine

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