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Last year, Make in India brought some major changes and new hopes to India. An unknown brand we never knew about its existence was making a hole in the market. Yes, it is India’s favorite Aam Panna, bright green Pulse candy, which got the whole nation hooked on its tangy flavor when it hit the markets for the first time.

No one have ever imagined that Re. 1 candy could take industry by storm with its magic core in a way that it would set a whole new record by beating Coke’s Zero and Cadbury. Well, it seems that it is just the beginning.

Within just two years, the tangy green candy has successfully tripped the market with over Rs. 300 Cr. sales. It shows how Indians are crazy about mangoes.

Pulse Candy Broke 300 Cr. Sales

Launched by DS Group (manufacturers of Catch mineral water and Rajnigandha Pan Masala) in mid 2015, the candy got so huge demand within a month that even the roadside booths are selling it for Rs. 1.5 (50 paisa hike).

Initially, the candy was launched in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi only for a test-marketing drive, but it managed to gain popularity all over the country.

Currently, this Re. 1 candy has successfully beaten the leading blue chip MNC brands like Mars Bars (Rs. 270 Cr. Launched 2011), and Oreo (Rs. 283 Cr. Launched in 2011), according to The Economic Times.

It is quite difficult to explain the reason behind its Rs. 300 Cr. of sales figures over those brands. Let’s take an example of Coke Zero. Launched in 2014, it could fetch only Rs. 120 Cr. of sales, against Pulse.

In India, the market for this hard-boiled, sugary-spicy candy is constantly growing at whopping 12 to 14 percent a year. Hence, Pulse is the sure-shot winner. According to Devendra Chawla, Chief Executive (Future Consumer), there is no competition to home-grown taste in terms of acceptance and local taste can make a blockbuster.

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According to the experts, the main reasons behind the skyrocketing sales of Pulse over other brands are its great word-of-mouth publicity and its tangy, juicy flavor. However, there is no clear explanation behind that.

March 16, 2017

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Last year, Make in India brought some major changes and new hopes to India. An unknown brand we never knew about its existence was making a […]
March 16, 2017
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