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Doodhwala is the first in Bengaluru and Pune (new fresh and pure milk delivery operations in Pune begin in seven days) to convey crisp homestead milk specifically to clients. We have selective tie-ups with natural milk providers.

Nobody out there has practical experience in conveying an assortment of crisp ranch milk,” Ebrahim says,”We, also, have more than 70 assortments of store milk and a scope of fundamental staple goods that shoppers require day by day or regularly, for example, , natural paneer, yogurt, bread, eggs, cheddar, smoothies, new vegetable juices, meat, smoothies, vegetables, organic products, and other rack stable things.” Customers get their requests previously 7 am, which implies the milk and basic needs they get are new. Every one of the items are at sold at/beneath MRP, with no conveyance charges being charged to the client.

About Doodhwala’s Founders

Doodhwala’s Founders Ebrahim and Aakash originate from a substantial foundation industry foundation. Aakash, in 2010, helped to establish a steel creation organization in Odisha. Ebrahim was heading his privately-run company of mechanical field supplies in Oman and Dubai. Aakash and Ebrahim began their vocations as business visionaries and demonstrated their determination in the substantial foundation industry.

Doodhwala’s Startup Strategy

One night in 2014, Aakash Agarwal and Ebrahim Akbari were taking a shot at a business venture, fuelling their psyches with milk, however soon ended up out of milk. Those were the days when Bengaluru had another application springing up for everythingclothing administration, nourishment, dating, individual errands, goods — however that night they discovered, much to their dismay, that there was no application committed to milk. This incidental revelation was the introduction of a startup thought. At almost around 4 am, they circumvented the city to comprehend what the milk supply showcase resembled. Following quite a while of research and overviews, they propelled a beta adaptation to test the market.

They got a promising reaction and were persuaded that individuals not simply needed, but rather required, Doodhwala. What individuals were searching for were better approaches to discover great quality unadulterated ranch drain conveyed by a non-customary ‘doodhwala‘ , who could be available rather than a normal milkman, with whom alternatives are restricted. More or less, they needed a timely, practical, non-customary choice. On the premise of these discoveries, they established the framework for Doodhwala.


Doodhwala Services And Team

Doodhwala was established in 2015 and is advancing relentlessly with a 25 percent month-on-month development rate, as per the group. The startup has extended operations to Pune while different urban communities are in the pipeline. The group is 60 individuals solid at this point.

Doodhwala likewise claims to serve more than 6,000 clients consistently, finishing more than 1,00,000 month to month conveyances. It has 80 percent client maintenance, and the figure is relied upon to increment in the following couple of months. Doodhwala would like to be operationally productive before the finish of 2017. Doodhwala has raised an undisclosed sum from financial specialist Tom Varkey, an accomplice at Stonehill Capital, USA, and will utilize the subsidizing to update its innovation, additionally enter the market, and develop its group estimate.

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