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Especially in Melbourne, Australia, becoming a “Chai Walli” Uppma Virdi or “Chai Walla” is not an easy job. Australia, once a British colony, is still under Queen’s realm. But it is more about coffee than tea.

A young entrepreneur, Uppma Virdi, in a setting like Melbourne, is doing a very tough job. She is an Indian-Australian lawyer who is working for a law firm in Melbourne. She is also doing another tough job. She runs an online business to offer variety of teas under her official brand “Chai Walli”. She is not a dedicated café owner or restaurateur yet.

Her true love for chai is nurtured from her grandfather’s life. He was an Ayurvedic doctor. She used to make tea for her family. She has soon realized that she has great talent to make an ideal blend. She belongs to Chandigarh, India. She makes chai like most Indians do, but with respect and love for its ingredients, with intent to bond with friends and family (including new people).

She says, “People get together through tea in Indian culture. Be it a tough situation or a happy occasion, tea is a best companion. I tried to look for several tea-friendly places in Australia.” This is where her business idea came from, around 2 years ago and she has been literally successful till date.

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It’s really no wonder why she has been crowned with “Businesswoman of the Year” title by the IABCA or Indian Australian Business & Community Awards 2016, at a ceremony in Sydney.

She added, “More and more people are looking for the alternatives to coffee and it leads to growing interest in tea. Coincidentally, it was the great opportunity for me. I am aimed to spread awareness about the significance of tea in Indian culture among Australian people.”

It’s really the great thing that a young entrepreneur like Uppma Virdi has taken such a great decision in her life. Hope this title gives inspiration to her to open a restaurant or chai café in Australia soon.

Uppma Virdi Success All Story

Uppma Virdi is a 26 years old Indian-Australian lawyer and an entrepreneur who started “Chai Walli” to serve Australian people with quality Indian tea. The brand has gained a lot of popularity within just two years. Soon, IABCA selected her as “Businesswoman of the Year 2016” in Sydney.

While doing her routine job, she started her side business “Chai Walli”. She has learned the art of preparing a healthy cup of herbal tea from her grandfather, who was an Ayurvedic physician. Eventually, her blend gained a lot of popularity in social media.

Today, her online tea store sells different types of tea blends as well as products like tea pots, kettles, candles, strainers, and tea-based chocolates. She has also started workshops to teach how to make an ideal cup of tea to tea lovers in Australia.

This Chandigarh-based entrepreneur was also invited at the Melbourne Tea Festival. She also told the media regarding her desire to promote her unique blends of tea at an event across the world.


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