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ScoopWhoop is basically a one-stop destination where you can explore and share what’s happening in India on the web, be it on tech, politics, media, entertainment etc. It is also popularly called as the ‘Buzzfeed of India”. It also scoops or posts to be precise, something like “15 Jobs Perfect For You If you are Lazy” or “18 FB Statuses to Give you LOL Attack” to grab all the eyes of social media freaks.

It is introduced as an Internet Online Company formed with the purpose to serve an online Indian. A group of students in Indian Institute of Mass Communication has founded ScoopWhoop in August 2013 with the sole aim to add Indian stories that are worth sharing. ScoopWhoop received up to 29 million views and over 55 million page views and social shares by the end of 2015. By using the social media platform, it has also garnered over 25 billion monthly impressions. They have successfully kept up with their goal “Power of Writing” by considering the youth mindset.


In August 2013, the foundation stone of ScoopWhoop was laid by Sattvik Mishra, Rishi Pratim Mukherjee, Sriparna Tikekar, Debarshi Banerjee, Suparn Pandey and Saransh Singh, who are the students of Indian Institute of Mass Communication. When ScoopWhoop was being started, Rishi, Sattvik, Suparn and Saransh were colleagues working at Webchutney and Sriparna was at McCann Erickson, an advertising company. Initially, they decided to keep ScoopWhoop as their side business along with their daily jobs. But after seeing the initial success of website, they decided to leave their jobs and started to focus completely on ScoopWhoop in November 2013.

Along with 21 million unique views in March 2015, ScoopWhoop achieved over 45 million views and has been gathering over 3 million shares every month across the articles. In November 2014, Bharti Softbank funded Rs. 10 Crore to the company for 36.5% of stake, with company valued at Rs. 40 Cr.

Corporate Objective

The major focus of ScoopWhoop is to enhance their viewership. Being one of the fastest growing companies in India which works on digital advertising, ScoopWhoop is worth 23% alone currently. In addition, ScoopWhoop also managed to generate up to Rs. 26 Cr and revenue of Rs. 10 Cr. from Bharti Softbank. Now the focus of ScoopWhoop is to manage its regular funding which has been predicted by March 2016 to generate the revenue of over 10 crore without doing anything in digital marketing.

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What is the Main Strategy adopted by ScoopWhoop?

In the WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook age or so called “WTF” age, where everyone is stuck in social media platforms using tablets, mobiles and computers, people have their own official online world where everyone is trying hard to make their position. ScoopWhoop is the best place where they can post something sarcastic, funny or cute, such as a cool video of a cat jumping off the window, or even publish news.

ScoopWhoop has just combined all of these stuffs and made a channel as a way of entertainment. In short, ScoopWhoop is a one-stop destination for online internet users to get knowledge and have some fun at the same time. These guys upload daily scoops to keep visitors entertained with their content and they also curate it and present to the audience. One of the main strategies of them is to target the audience in the group of 15 to 35 years and to serve them with news that has some humor and entertainment.

To convey a story, they use a lot of pictures and also a catchy caption with it. If the topic is trending on Facebook, Twitter or other social media, a story is published and it goes through the team whose main motive is to get maximum views. They share a story which is easy to consume for audience.

About ScoopWhoop Facebook Page

With over 2 million fans and counting in Facebook page, ScoopWhoop never asks, buys and begs likes and share. ScoopWhoop has created five different pages for different types of content, such as ScoopWhoop News, ScoopWhoop Videos, ScoopWhoop Humor, ScoopWhoop Firangi and the official and main ScoopWhoop page.

Every page is gathering the eyes of public with something unique. Facebook algorithm is also friendly to them. Even if they post a blog a day ago, you can still get the feed for the same and it shows their engagement and reach.

With their classy and epic content, ScoopWhoop has made a mark and they don’t have to beg for share or like and it is all organic.


ScoopWhoop – What Goals have been achieved?

The main revenue of ScoopWhoop comes from the native ads. With a team of only 12 members, they have got a new scope for writers and helped them to make money by following their passion, i.e. WRITING. With the inauguration of ScoopWhoop Talkies around a month ago, it has been making up to 25 videos in a month. ScoopWhoop has also started to work on the documentaries.

The way they manage to get the most of social media marketing, especially by using Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is the best ScoopWhoop has emerged. It is dedicated to make people fall in love with classy and cheesy post which targets the right audience and makes over 40 cr. industry within 15 months.

The Response

ScoopWhoop has got the advertising platform from Facebook which multiplied its business shares and revenues with huge public response. They have been writing an advertising story and strengthening the root of some of their new clients like Budweiser, Godrej and Pepsi.

ScoopWhoop is surely working and growing further to set its presence and it literally adds inspiration to several entrepreneurs in order to set their goals and to achieve something themselves and understand the actual value of social media marketing. They have also been making changes to their techniques as per the trends. All in all, they are keeping their audience amazed and entertained to make the presence. With new marketing strategies and sudden changes take place in digital marketing, you should keep your ears and eyes open and stay updated. It is vital not to fall behind and always stay online.

November 10, 2017
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