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Facebook Messenger wants to be your partner all the time. The app is now so big that it would take a while to download.

It wants to do everything for you. So ask about everything, you 164 megabytes this app on your smart phone are willing to pay a separate place.

It’s not that much room for your other app gets a little tight.

Instant Games On Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger, recently launched Instant Games.

Recently, more than 100 million used for those he has launched several new service.


This chat, call, video call, including Service Bus games you will find on your messenger, which are not found on the other Messenger.

Facebook is a clear reason to do so. Messenger service in countries like China and Japan are very like.

A lot of people in these two countries do not download the app, but using the same app are accustomed to such work.

The people of the other country if a similar habit Facebook Messenger can become their first choice.

Facebook Messenger app offers related services such as doctor’s appointment in the city, electricity bills, or to book a taxi to renew visas.


Also some special friends in the group to share personal photos and videos also feature exists.

This app will tell that the heat map of the city which is how busy place.

In the V chat you through Seklets can make friends around the world just by shaking the phone.

Driftbotl through which you can send messages packaged in a virtual ocean that can be read anywhere in the world.

Facebook Messenger is also present in some service on V chat.


If someone lives in the United States through the Messenger, you can pay many bills.

Just because you have to wait a little something special in Asian countries, Messenger services are given, which in itself would be the most different.

Facebook wants to get more and more services via a single app.

The decision could prove beneficial in the current round.

In fact, Facebook is trying to use your laziness so you do not have to open a separate app, via the same app, everything is possible.

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Facebook and the app utilizes the mobile Internet subscribers will be much the company will certainly gain more advertising.

This means that Facebook’s revenues would increase manifold.

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