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Nisha Madhulika, a housewife who was struggling with empty nest syndrome in 2007, couldn’t continue to help her husband in IT business. Her children had moved out. The same year, she started a blog and shared a recipe on the web.

The 56-year-old housewife has come a long way since she recorded her first video of cooking and uploaded on May 16, 2011 on YouTube. Today, her YouTube channel gets millions of views from all over the world. She presents delicious vegetarian recipes over the internet.

Her 772,739 (and counting) subscribers lovingly call her “Nisha Auntyji”. Her subscriber-base includes visitors from Australia, Africa as well as from India. She is among the top 5 YouTube Asian stars. She has got total 236 million views. It means, her channel gets over 18 million views per month, on average, it is around 575000 to 625,000 views per day.

Since 2011, she has uploaded up to 1115 videos of recipes (without garlic and onion), teaching new brides, students who are living alone, and professionals who are living away from home and missing their “Maa ke Haath ka Khana”. She has been featured in “Top Chefs” list of YouTube.

Nisha Madhulika success all story

It’s Nisha Madhulika Homemade Formula

According to her, she has now started spending the money she earns. She buys new things required for her kitchen. She doesn’t promote any shop where she buys supplies for her kitchen. But she always tries to look for the best and useful items.

They have a team of five people who helped Nisha to establish her own website. She says, “I am really thankful to them by heart. I wouldn’t think about turning my dream into such a huge venture with no support.”

The couple had to shoot the video before 9 am because her husband has to leave for office. So, she wakes up early to get things organized. None of them had any training to operate a camera in a professional manner. Initially, it was very difficult. They had very less time to record the overall process of cooking. They had to repeat the process if things go wrong. It leads to huge wastage.

In order to improve video quality with fewer distractions, the couple had to turn a whole bedroom into kitchen. According to the situation, she shoots at least 2 to 3 recipes per week.

When everyone is busy cooking at home in festive season, she likes to produce more videos. When she is not preparing any video, she reads, experiments, and prepares. Whenever she feels ready, she calls her team and they start shooting. Even on the off-shooting days, she doesn’t have much time. She has to do a lot of things.

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YouTube is the only means she follows her passion. To do that, age is just a number. YouTube has space for everyone, whether old or young. According to Nisha Madhulika, recipe to success is just doing what you love the most. She always runs against time to get the shot before moving to another recipe.

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Nisha Madhulika success story

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